A Gnarly ‘Blue Crush’ Sequel May Be On The Horizon After All Original Cast Members Spark Interest

Time to bust out the Billabong gear

Our favourite surfer chicks may be heading back to Hawaii for a much-needed sequel to Blue Crush.

Almost two decades after the iconic surf movie hit our screens, the three main cast members; Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake, took part in a virtual reunion where all three of them expressed their desire to make another movie. 

During their chat, the possibility was brought up by Bosworth: “Everybody wants to know, would we be up for a sequel?” she asked her costars, before stating “I’ll put my life on the line again. I don’t mind, for a sequel”.

Lake replied, “Yes, obviously, 100%”.

Rodriguez excitedly agreed, “I would totally, man. I love you girls and I love Hawaii. You don’t have to ask me twice.”

blue crush

Back in 2011, a straight-to-DVD film titled Blue Crush 2 was released but doesn’t actually have anything to do with the original film. 

The costars chatted about what could hypothetically take place in the potential sequel, with Rodriguez suggesting that they be the teachers this time around. 

The trio also opened up about their most memorable scenes to work on and reminisced on some behind-the-scenes antics, before they discussed why they believe the film still resonates with young girls today. 

“Whether it’s surfing or any other sport, I think that’s why it resonated with so many females and girls. They were like, ‘Oh, I can! I can do it!'” Lake said. 

Bosworth also credited the film’s success with their portrayal of female friendship. “The thing I think that really resonates with people and what you guys brought to your roles is the friendship,” she said.

“When you doubt yourself and you feel like I can’t do this, I quit … You have your ride or dies saying, ‘I believe in you more than you believe in you. We’re gonna make this happen.’ It’s so beautiful to watch that.”

In a heartfelt open letter on her website, Bosworth sung her praises for her costars, writing that Lake is “as deep as the ocean she loves, and as quick and clever as the waves she chases” while Roriguez “has a heart of gold” and a “pure soul”. 

Throughout the making of the movie, the three of us lived as roommates in a house situated on Sunset Beach. In those days, I would often look at Michelle and Sanoe … surf videos playing consistently on the TV, waves crashing only a few steps away from our lawn, and I knew this moment would be one of the most special experiences of my lifetime,” she wrote. 

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but with the Internet already running wild with ideas, we can only hope it comes into fruition.

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