Blue Wine Has Landed In Australia. And We’ve Tried It

Here's our verdict.
Instagram: @giklive

Back in June Spanish wine-making start-up Gik hit our radar and Instagram feed’s with their (allegedly delicious) blue wine.

Fans of alcohol and Parks and Recreation will know that ~Blueberry~ Wine has existed for a long time, but this unique new creation is made with grapes like traditional wines, so the flavour is still totally on point, but with a serious point of difference.

Previously only available in Europe, blue wine is now officially in Oz courtesy of The Blue Bird.

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The drop retails for $10 and is available nationwide from Liquorland.

But before you go spending your hard earned dosh, we thought we’d take one for the team and trial it ourselves.

Here’s what the marie claire team had to say:

“It’s actually not too bad. The colour is confusing, it tastes like white wine but a little sweeter. Not as much bitter after taste as some white wines though.”

“It tastes kind of like Moscato, it’s very sweet – I’m not huge on sweet wines…”

“It just tastes like Rosé”.

“I can taste the hangover before it happens…”


“The colour just reminds me of drinking “lolly water” drinks back in the day.”


“It’s fun for a gimmick, but I think I’ll stick to Rosé…”

“My Instagram feed will LOVE this!”

“I don’t hate it – it’s sweeter than I thought it would be though.”

Drink responsibly!

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