This Everyday Household Item Is The Secret To *Those* ‘Bridgerton’ Sex Scenes

"It’s amazing what you can do with a half-inflated netball."

Another day, another revelation about the upcoming highly-anticipated Season 2 of cult historical-drama Bridgerton. It’s almost like Netflix is teasing us at this point.

Thankfully we don’t have much longer to wait till the show’s back on the small screen, courtesy of the late-March release date.

In the meantime, Jonathan Bailey, who stars as protagonist Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, and newcomer Simone Ashley, who will appear across from him as love interest Kate Sharma, have spoken out about the show’s signature steamy sex scenes.

While Bridgerton producers have already confirmed the second season will deliver many “thirsty moments”, Bailey and Ashley have now revealed never-before-heard, behind-the-scenes details exactly just how those scenes translate from script to screen.

Bailey told Radio Times that despite sex scenes “the heart of the show” it was this elements he found to be the biggest challenge. However, thanks to the employment of an intimacy coordinator filming those scenes were “less awkward” than he anticipated.

Surprisingly, this one common household item played a pivotal role in the filming of these scenes.

“It’s amazing how that whole industry has just come on, even in a year. There are new tricks to the trade – little cushions – and it’s amazing what you can do with a half-inflated netball,” Jonathan told the publication.

Who would’ve thought that a humble netball would be the secret to those iconic sex scenes?

“If there are two people doing a sex scene, the rule is they must have three barriers separating them and there are certain acts where a half-inflated netball can allow for movement without having to connect physically,” Bailey continued.

While the half-inflated netball thankfully doesn’t make its way into the show, it would ruin the fantasy afterall, Bailey admits the shooting of the scenes are “pretty silly really”.

“We have some hilarious moments, but it makes it less awkward.”

Simone also told the publication she had a positive experience shooting those scenes, a stark contrast to the encounters many actresses like Emma Thompson and Kirstin Dunst had while filming similar material.

Simone explained she’s confident that she can speak up if she’s not feeling comfortable with anything on set.

“We were in a very safe environment and we worked with an incredible intimacy coordinator who encouraged us to portray what it is for the female character to experience pleasure. That’s important for us to see, because it’s not like it doesn’t happen,” the actress said.

With Bridgerton set to come back on March 25, we’ll be binge watching the entire first season in anticipation. In the meantime, read everything we know about Bridgerton Season 2 here.

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