A Fourth ‘Bridget Jones’ Is Coming

Our chaotic onscreen queen returns.

It’s hard to think of Renée Zellweger without thinking of one of her most iconic roles as Bridget Jones. The loveable, yet hopelessly tragic ‘spinster’ who couldn’t quite find her place in the world was one of the most relatable onscreen characters who always kept it real. 

As far as early 2000’s rom-coms go, Bridget Jones’ Diary was up there with the best of them. The third (and allegedly final) film left Jones happily back together with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and raising their first child together, a son named William. 

But, it seems Bridget, Mark and William’s story might not be over after all, with the author of the original book series confirming a fourth film is in the works.


Rumours About Bridget Jones 4 Started Back in 2022

In a 2022 interview with Radio Times, author Helen Fielding said, “Yes I’m working on it and I really hope it will happen. Every film that gets made is a miracle – it’s really difficult to make films happen and to make them good. But I’d love to see it on the screen.”

Safe to say we’d love to see it happen, too.

Fielding’s comment comes nearly a year after The Sun reported that a secret fourth film was preparing for production, which would see Zellweger reprise her role with a grown up son in tow. 

According to a source who spoke with the outlet, producers believed there was a “huge market” for another film given the popularity of the franchise. 

“It will be seven or eight years since the last movie by the time this one hits the big screen, and fans will be desperate to find out what happened. It’s a British classic,” they said at the time. 

Bridget Jones 4 Confirmed In February 2024


In early 2024, reports began to flow in that Bridget Jones 4 was indeed being reprised, with Renee Zellweger signed on to continue playing her iconic role as Jones.

Mail Online reports that filming for the new movie is set to begin in May 2024, in London.

“Bridget is back and is about to take over London. Filming is being mapped out already and all of the pre- production is in place,” a source told the publication. “There was some uncertainty about whether it would get off the ground, but the movie is coming.”

It is believed that Bridget Jones 4 will follow the plot of the 2013 book, named Bridget Jones’ Diary: Mad About The Boy, which follows the now 51-year-old journalist as she navigates dating in the modern day app-based landscape.

However, there is some concern for the wellbeing of Mark Darcy in the new series. This is because *spoiler alert* the novel kills him off and Jones becomes a widow and single mother to two children. It’s speculated that Colin Firth and Hugh Grand may make surprise appearances in the sequel, however with Grant skipping out on the third movie, his participation is not guaranteed.

What Has Happened In Bridget Jones Movie Franchise So Far?

For a quick recap, the first film, Bridget Jones’ Diary, saw Bridget’s heart strings tugged by the stiff, shy barrister Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), and her charming yet arrogant boss, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). Of course, nice guys finish first in this cinematic universe, and Mark wins Bridget’s heart by the end of the film.

In the second film, Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason, Bridget’s head is briefly turned after running into Daniel while travelling to Thailand. But despite a brief affair with her former flame, Bridget ends up in Mark’s arms, and the film ends with the pair finally getting married.

During the third film, Bridget Jones’ Baby, we are met with a recently-divorced Bridget, and a new love interest: American billionaire Jack (Patrick Dempsey). After meeting at Glastonbury Festival, Bridget discovers she is pregnant, and with the paternity of the unborn child unknown, Jack and Mark battle it out to win Bridget’s heart. Also important to note, Daniel Cleaver is presumed dead throughout most of the third film. At the end of the film, however, we discover that he has been found alive, perhaps opening the door for Hugh Grant to reprise his role as the dangerously charming dirt bag in the fourth installment?

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