12 New Bombshells Enter The Villa: Meet The Cast Of ‘Love Island’ UK 2024

Another season of drama is almost here.
Love Island Cast 2024Love Island Uk/ITV

Love Island UK 2024 is back for another season of drama, drinking and hopefully, lasting love.

A new season also means that 12 new bombshells are entering the famous Love Island villa.

Below, we introduce you to the new cast of Love Island UK 2024.

The Cast Of Love Island UK 2024

Ayo Odukoya

Love Island Uk Cast
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV.)

Ayo is a 25-year-old model who believes dating has never been hard for him because ““there’s never been any competition.”

Ciaran Davies

Love Island UK cast
(Credit: Love Island UK/ ITV )

At 21-years-old, Ciaran is this season’s youngest contestant. Normally, Ciaran works as a surveyor and he’s confident that his Welsh accent will help him get the girls.

Harriett Blackmore

Love Island UK cast
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV )

Harriet is 24-year-old dancer and personal shopper who’s confident that she’ll bring the entertainment to this season of Love Island UK.

“Whether that’s making the girls laugh or making the boys turn their heads, I’m sure that I’ll bring the drama,” Harriet said.

Jess White

Love Island UK
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV)

Jess is a 25-year-old retail manager from Stockport.

She admits that as an only child, she’s very used to getting her own way.

Mimii Ngulube

Love Island Cast UK 2024.
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV)

Mimi is a 24-year-old mental health nurse from Portsmouth who’s keen to find the right guy.

“The pool in Portsmouth is not giving. I’ve tried dating, speaking to people on social media and it just hasn’t been successful. Applying was a spontaneous thing, I didn’t expect to get here!” Mimii said.

Munveer Jabbal

Love Island UK Cast.
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV)

Munveer is a 30-year-old recruitment manager from London who’s keen to meet the right person.

“The opportunity to be surrounded by good looking people in a villa under the sun is an absolute no brainer! I’m 30 years old and I need to start thinking seriously about the next step, and what better place?!” Munveer said of the opportunity.

Nicole Samuel

Love Island cast UK.
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV )

Nicole is a 24-year-old accounts manager who wants to find a guy who’s “tall, dark and handsome.”

Patsy Field

Love Island UK Cast 2024
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV)

Patsy is a 29-year-old office administrator who believes she’s “wifey material” and isn’t afraid to date a younger man.

“I can also be a bit of a sugar mummy as I do like to spoil my partners and have been known to date younger guys,” Patsy explained.

Ronnie Vint

Love Island UK
(Credit: Love Island Uk/ITV )

Ronnie is a 27-year-old semi professional footballer who’s keen to settle down.

“I want someone that’s family orientated, caring and career minded. Looks-wise, I like blondes with nice boobs but am partial to a brunette too,” Ronnie said.

Sam Taylor

Love Island Uk Cast
(Credit: Love Island UK/Cast )

Sam is a 23-year-old hair stylist from Chesterfield who is looking for someone to share a “real connection” with.

“I’ve been looking for that connection for quite some time but I’ve never really found it, I’m hoping I find that spark in the Villa.”

Samantha Kenny

Love Island UK
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV)

Samantha is a 26-year-old makeup artist from Liverpool.

She loves a London boy and says her type is “tall, dark, and cockney”.

Sean Stone

Love Island UK Cast
(Credit: Love Island UK/ITV)

Sean is a 24-year-old salesman who’s looking for his soulmate—but he’s picky about who that could be.

“I am very picky. After you’ve had a long term relationship you figure out what you want from someone. Even if you haven’t been in loads of relationships, you zone in on what you want,” Sean said.

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