Cat Owners Drink Double The Champagne Of Dog Owners, Study Finds

Cheers to that

Own a cat? Chances are you’re partial to a glass of bubbly (or three). Where as if you own a dog, you’re more likely to prefer a bold red.

We’re not making this up – a recent Australian survey of 1700 pet owners found that cat owners drink double the amount of sparkling compared to dog owners, who tend to prefer full-bodied drops like pinot or shiraz.

Cellarmasters conducted the study (hey, they’re just getting to know their customer we guess) and found that feline friends are also more partial to a sauvignon blanc than anyone in possession of a pooch.

They enlisted the help of Vineyard Vet Dr Robert Zammit to make sense of their findings. “Cats are the aristocrats of the world, and regal cat owners especially are quite sophisticated, so I’m not surprised cat owners enjoy bubbles,” said Dr Zammit.

 “Dog owners like to spend time outside with their furry friends, and there’s nothing better than coming home to a glass of warming red wine, so it makes complete sense.”

Either way, all this research is making us thirsty.

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