The Manager Of The Notorious Cecil Hotel Has Responded To Claims She Edited Footage Of Elisa Lam

The response comes after the new Netflix doco spurred theories

New Netflix series Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel has taken the internet by storm, prompting plenty of theories as to what exactly happened when Elisa Lam disappeared inside LA’s notorious Cecil Hotel.

Now the manager at the time of Lam’s death, Amy Price, has spoken out against rumours that she edited elevator footage of Lam acting strangely.

As Crime Scene points out, the elevator footage appears to be slowed down, with the time stamp blurred. It’s alleged that a minute of footage is missing – but Price says that has nothing to do with her.

“That’s absolutely false,” Price told E! News regarding the theory that she edited footage. “I was a little surprised to hear that. I really hadn’t heard that before the documentary. I’m not surprised people feel that way based on the momentum that a lot of the sleuths have.”

cecil hotel
Amy Price (Credit: Netflix)

Price also said she wouldn’t have been able to edit the footage even if she wanted to. “There wasn’t even a chance to even look at the tapes myself, I just handed them over. I provided a room for them to review them and that’s exactly what they did.”

Price was the manager of the Cecil Hotel for around ten years, but now runs her own interior design and jewellery businesses.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is currently streaming on Netflix.

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