20 Celebrities And Their Popular Pets Keeping Them Company In Isolation

Paw patrol

While we all do our part to flatten the curve, the one positive to come from indefinite lockdown restrictions is the extra time spent with your favourite family member.

The extra at-home time has called for a deeper appreciation for all things, in particular, our pets. Whether it’s their love, attention or just their company, there is so much unconditional love that comes from taking care of a pet.

Whether you have a one or not, it’s safe to say that looking at cute animals on the internet is the wholesome content that the world needs right now. And as we know, studies have shown that owning a pet is excellent for your mental health.

But most importantly, if you’re on the hunt for something cuddly to care for, what better time to foster a cat or dog from your local shelter.

And it seems that celebrities feel the same way. Whether it’s taking care of their long-time pal, or fostering a new one during quarantine, there’s no doubt that celebrities are loving the extra time to cuddle and dote upon their adorable pets.

Sit back, relax and scroll down to see 20 celebrities and their popular pets that are keeping them company during isolation. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Nicole Kidman and Julian

Hilary Duff and Izzy

Kate Beckinsale, Willow and Clive

Jennifer Aniston and Clyde

Selena Gomez and Winnie

Mandy Moore and Peanut

Gigi Hadid, Cool and Mandy

Priyanka Chopra and Diana

Nick Jonas and Gino

Chrissy Teigen and Petey

Kaia Gerber and Her Foster Puppy

Emilia Clarke and Ted

Emily Ratajkowski and Colombo

Zendaya and Noon

Miranda Kerr and Teddy

Katy Perry and Nugget

Kendall Jenner and Pyro

Miley Cyrus and Beanie

Amanda Seyfried and Finn

Olivia Munn and Frankie

Lady Gaga and Gustavo, Asia and Koji

Lucy Hale and Elvis

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