6 Of The Best Celebrity Book Clubs

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Undoubtedly, there’s no greater pleasure in life than finishing a book. Having a good read to cherish, share, and recommend is equally fun and bittersweet but hunting for that next page-turning thriller can be a challenge. But for all of you bonafide bookworms out there who thought reading books with your friends is as good as it gets, you can now read along with a slew of celebrities too!

From Emma Watson to Oprah Winfrey, these Hollywood A-listers are turning their life long love of reading into a global phenomenon with their favourite literary picks. With an innumerable number of recommendations literally at our fingertips, the more difficult question is whose shelf is really worth getting star-struck over. So, if you’re in need of a good read, we’ve rounded up the best celebrity book clubs that will have your pile stocked in no time.

1. Belletrist By Emma Roberts 

Emma Roberts discusses all things books, from the newest releases to rare literary finds, in her online book club ‘Belletrist’. In collaboration with writer Karah Preiss, the Scream Queens actress also regularly sits down with her favourite authors for exclusive interviews. 

2. Oprah’s Book Club By Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah started her own book club back in 1996 and over 20 years later it is still going strong! The media mogul’s book club consists of her own recommendations, author interviews and book guides, making it the ultimate book club to be a part of. 

Now, Oprah has announced she will be partnering with Apple to give her book club another element. According to Oprah, the new and improved vision for the book club will include interviews with authors and recommendations via video. 

“I want to reach that sweet spot where insight and perspective, truth and tolerance actually intersect,” she said.

3. Reese’s Book Club By Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon’s book club may have begun as a casual social media endeavour, however, like everything she does, it was an instant success. With over 600,000 Instagram followers, the actress’ monthly selections are highly anticipated.

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4. Our Shared Self By Emma Watson

Emma Watson launched her feminist online book club, Our Shared Space, to inspire and encourage more women to read feminist inspired novels. The United Nations Global Ambassador also regularly takes to the streets to hide books in secret locations for people to read all over the world.

5. SJP Picks By Sarah Jessica Parker

Award-winning actor, designer and producer Sarah Jessica Parker has her own book club in partnership wth ALA’s Book Club Central. SJP is an avid bookworm as she regularly shares her favourite reads on Instagram. 

6. Lenny Letter By Lena Dunham 

Lena Dunham is a voracious reader who frequently shares her favourite reads on Instagram. The actress also has her own book club, in collaboration with Jenni Konner, called Lenny Letter where she features her top picks every Thursday in what is called #LitThursday. 

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