10 Celebrities You Forgot Were On ‘The O.C.’ Before They Were Famous

Paris Hilton?

Spanning over four seasons and ninety-two episodes, The O.C. was undoubtedly ahead of it’s time and paved the way for teen soap operas that followed suit. If you were at the peak of your youth back in the early noughties, it’s likely that your life was touched the dramatic storylines and ensuing drama that surrounded the affluent teenagers of California’s Newport Beach. 

While the leading regulars of the hit show have continued to work onscreen (Ben McKenzie in Gotham, Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie and now Mischa Barton in The Hills: New Beginnings), it was some of the notable background actors that went on to make it big in Hollywood. Here, we take a walk down memory lane and look back on all the celebrities who had cameos on The O.C.

1. Chris Pratt as Che 


Chris Pratt may be blockbuster star but he too had his time in Orange Country. Pratt had a recurring role on the series playing Che, an activist at Brown University who befriended Summer Roberts.

2. Paris Hilton as Herself 


Paris Hilton played a highly savage version of herself when the gang visited L.A. In the episode. 

3. Paul Wesley as Donnie 


The Vampire Diaries alum made a memorable two-episode stint as Donnie, the guy who shot Luke, in season one.

4. Nikki Reed as Sadie Campbell


After making a name for herself in Thirteen, Nikki Reed guest starred as Ryan’s girlfriend, Sadie Hawkins, in season three. 

5. Olivia Wilde as Alex 


Olivia Wilde had a brief stint in the second season of the series as Alex Kelly, who runs The Bait Shop and enters into a brief relationship with Marissa Cooper.

6. Shailene Woodley as Kaitlin Cooper 


The Big Little Lies star had played the younger version of Marissa’s  sister, Kaitlin, who would later be played by Willa Holland. She recurred throughout the first season before she departed for boarding school. 

7. Amber Heard as Shop Girl


Amber played a sassy salesgirl in Newport Beach who accidentally locked the gang in a mall overnight. 

8. Ashley Benson as Riley 


Years before Ashley Benson got her breakout role as Hannah Marin in Pretty Little Liars, played popular girl Riley, who had a fight with Kaitlin Cooper in Season Four.

9. Bella Thorne as Young Taylor


The former Disney Channel actress played a younger version of Taylor Townsend in a season four flashback. 

10. Chris Brown


Chris made a brief appearance on the fourth season as Will Tutt, a lonely band geek who befriends Kaitlin Cooper. 

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