Meet Every Contestant Currently Competing On ‘Celebrity MasterChef Australia’

Knives and forks out.

While some reality television shows incite frustration, exasperation and a feeling of mild bafflement at how they even got to air in the first place, there’s one program that sparks almost the opposite reaction—enter, MasterChef. 

The long-time, much-loved cooking show has been a staple on Australian screens for years, and in 2021 we got a bonus instalment in the form of a celebrity edition. 

Indeed, Celebrity MasterChef Australia has all the makings of the original format, only the contestants are, well, celebrities. 

With a slew of well-known faces joining the cast this year, we’re guaranteed plenty of quality content to come—nail biting time limits, burnt pie crusts et al.

Here, we meet each of the cast mates battling it out to be named the grand champion in 2021. Introducing your Celebrity MasterChef contestants… 


Dami Im 

Dami has undeniable talent on the stage (she won X Factor and represented Australia in Eurovision), but it’s to be determined if her skills in the kitchen will match up to her iconic profile. 


Collette Dinnigan

Collette is a renowned Australian fashion designer and knows how to put in a hard days work—we can’t wait to see her creative talent translate to the kitchen. 

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Rebecca Gibney

Australian actress Rebecca Gibney is best known for her performance on beloved television drama, Packed To The Rafters. Her return to TV on Celebrity MasterChef is a surprising, albeit glorious move. 

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Matt Le Nevez

Offspring star Matt Le Neves knows how to bring us engaging content—which is why we’re more than happy to watch him battle it out on MasterChef. 


Nick Riewoldt

Nick is an AFL star and sports presenter with a whole lot to give. He’s also a dad-of-three so no doubt he’s picked up a few culinary skills as a family man over the years. 

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Tilly Ramsay

Matilda (known as Tilly), the daughter of chef royalty Gordon Ramsay joins the cast of amateur chefs, and if she’s anything like her dad, she’ll no doubt have a bit of an advantage. Maybe she’ll teach the others a trick or two… 

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Archie Thompson

An Australian soccer icon and dad-of-two, Archie brings his sporting status to a completely different playing field on Celebrity MasterChef. 

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Dilruk Jayasinha

As a comedian and actor, Dilruk Jayasinha is promising us plenty of laughs this season—we can’t wait to see what he conjures up, both with his words and on the chopping board. 

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Ian Thorpe

You’re no doubt aware Ian Thorpe is a pro swimmer, but could he also be a pro chef? Guess we’ll have to watch on to find out… 

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Chrissie Swan

TV and radio star Chrissie is no stranger to the public eye, but her cooking skills have remained entirely out of the spotlight… until now.

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