The Cast Of ‘Centre Stage’: Where Are They Now?

The ultimate '90s throwback

Universally known as the quintessential dance movie of the new millennium, Center Stage may have been corny, but it was also oh-so nostalgic. With the film returning to the silver screen, it’s only fitting that we start to wonder about where the cast is today. Since the film was released 20 years ago, many of its cast look to have either taken to the big screen or fallen off the radar. 

While we are all surely planning to re-watch the series, let’s have a look at where the cast has been since we the film last graced our screens.

Jody Sawyer

For real-life ballerina Amanda Schull, Center Stage was merely a replication of her real life. While she was an apprentice at the San Fransisco Ballet, Schull landed the lead role of Jody, the fresh-faced dancer who’s in pursuit of becoming a principal dancer. Following the film, Schull continued to perform with the San Francisco Ballet before she retired in April 2006. Since then, she has guest starred on One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars, and secured a role in the last season of Suits following the departure of Meghan Markle.

Zoe Saldana

With a dance background, it’s no surprise that Saldana landed the role of Eva, the passionate and sarcastic dancer, which propelled her to movie stardom. Following Center Stage, she has become one of Hollywood’s biggest names, landing major roles in Star Trek and Guardians Of The Galaxy, and most notably for Avatar. 

Charlie Sims

As an American Ballet Theatre dancer, it’s no wonder that Radetsky was perfect for the role of Charlie, Jody’s love interest and dance partner. Since the film, he guest-starred as the romantic lead in Mandy Moore’s music video “I Wanna Be With You”, the iconic song for the film. He remained at the American Ballet Theatre until his retirement in 2014, where he then went on to star in dance-drama Flesh & Bone, A Nutcracker Christmas and came back to play Charlie in Center Stage: On Pointe. 

Cooper Nielson

With three years dance experience under his belt, Sitefel was already working as a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, when he scored the role as the dancer/bad boy Cooper Nielson in Center Stage. After the film, he returned as Cooper in the Center Stage sequel films. He also made a guest appearance in an episode of the cult-favourite series Gossip Girl in 2010. 

Maureen Cummings

Playing Maureen, the ballet company’s most ‘perfect’ dancer, Pratt also appeared in two other major teen movies from the era: 10 Things I Hate About You and Drive Me Crazy. Following the film, Pratt has since made guest appearances on shows like Private Practice, Mad Men, Masters Of Sex and Outcast. She also returned to school, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in business, while also earning a Master’s degree in occupational therapy.

Eion Bailey (Jim)

Eion Bailey

One of the only non-dancer characters in the film, Bailey played Jim, who was a pre-med student that falls head-over-heels for Maureen. Since the film, Bailey has appeared in hit shows like E.R., Ray Donovan, Covert Affairs and went on to star in the fantasy-hit Once Upon A Time.


Originally a figure skater in Russia, Kulik actually won an Olympic gold medal in 1998 before retiring from competitive skating only two years before starring in the film. Playing Sergei, one of the American Ballet Academy hopefuls, Kulik impressed in what ended up being his only acting role. Since his acting gig, he is yet to star in another film, focusing on his skating carer in stead. In 2012, Kulik and his wife opened a skating rink in Lake Forest, California, where he coaches other competitive figure skaters.

Peter Gallagher

While his role in Center Stage was certainly iconic, most recognise him from his role as Sandy Cohen on The O.C.. I mean, who could forget? Not shying away from his acting career, Gallagher has since appeared on major recurring roles on Law & Order: SVU and Grace & Frankie, and currently stars on NBC’s Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Juliet Simone

Playing Juliette Simone, the demanding and disciplined ballet teacher, Murphy had little to no ballet experience when taking on the role. However, with a long and acclaimed career on Broadway, Murphy has earned herself seven Tony Award nominations and two wins. Since the fim, she has appeared in films like Spider-Man 2 and The Bourne Legacy, as well as voicing Mother Gothel in Tangled.  

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