Chad Michael Murray loves One Tree Hill As Much As You Do

And he's still got it

Chad Michael Murray (AKA Lucas Scott) and his fellow One Tree Hill cast members are currently in Wilmington (where the show was filmed) for their annual yearly reunion.

It’s been 13 years since the series started and four since it finished – and you’ll be pleased to know that your teen crush circa 2005 has still got it.

Just check out these shots taken during his promotional tour for the movie Outlaws and Angels.

Chad Michael Murray at Outlaws and Angels promo tour

He also recently told Bustle that One Tree Hill was “such a great time in my life”, and adds that he loves that the show is attracting a new audience.

“It’s really jumping generations. A lot of these people grew with me and now there’s a whole new generation out there of 11-to-12 year old girls and boys that are watching it for the first time on Netflix and it’s just crazy how much it touches people.”

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