Christine Quinn Reveals Whether She’s Left The Oppenheim Group In ‘Selling Sunset’

And the truth on that season finale bribing allegation.

The latest season of Selling Sunset may be done and dusted, but Christine Quinn isn’t finished sharing news on her fate in the real estate series.

In an interview with People, the mother-of-one opens up about whether she’s still a member of the Oppenheim Group brokerage after the events of season five’s finale.

Confirming that she has left the brokerage, she explained that she did so once her and husband, Christian Dumontet, opened their new crypto real estate venture, called RealOpen. 

“I terminated my contract when the brokerage launched,” Christine told the publication. “I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could move it over to my brokerage.”

And while this is news to fans, Christine’s decision to leave to run her new business was something that her bosses, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, were apparently aware of the entire season.

“Jason knew. I told him. Him and I had had conversations a year prior. I told him I was doing my own thing. I don’t think anyone actually thought… I think they thought I was bluffing,” she claimed.

“I don’t think they actually thought I was working on a company, I don’t know. But I told them for a year that I was working on this. Everyone knows,” Christine continued, adding, “Jason and I, we have a really good understanding. I told him, ‘This comes from a career move. I have to do my own thing.’ So that’s why I made the company”.

Christine Quinn
(Credit: Netflix)

Fans may remember the cliffhanger that sealed the end of Selling Sunset’s fifth season, when fellow agent Emma Hernan claimed that Christine bribed a client with USD $5000 to stop working with her. This allegation was told to Jason, with Christine adamantly denying the accusation.

“Accusing someone of a criminal tort is not only defamatory—but you can’t afford my lawyers,” she explained.

“So it’s not a funny thing to say. I would never bribe a client. I’ve never bribed a client. I don’t need to bribe a client, because they’ll work with me organically.”

Before the fifth season’s credits rolled, Jason and another colleague, Mary Fitzgerald, sat discussing the allegation in the company’s West Hollywood office as they waited for Christine to arrive for a meeting about it. But while Christine never turned up, disappointing Jason and Mary, she claimed that she was never made aware of a meeting.

“I didn’t even know that was happening. Are you kidding me? I was at home chilling. Don’t act like I was a part of that scene. I wasn’t. I didn’t even know it was happening,” she explained, adding, “This was all going on unbeknownst to me. So yeah, it was a shock”.

In the show’s reunion episode, where Christine was not present, Jason was grilled about her fate in the Oppenheim Group, to which he responded, “Right now, there’s not a place for her at the Oppenheim Group”.

And while his direct response feels like confirmation of the allegations, Christine says otherwise, explaining that she had terminated her contract before the reunion was filmed which explained why he said that.

“There’s not a place for me because I terminated my contract. He got a letter from my lawyers before the reunion. That’s why there’s not a place, because my license is hung somewhere else.”

As we know, Christine and her husband announced the launch of their company, RealOpen, which allows home buyers to get their hands on real estate by using cryptocurrency. And according to Christine, she was made to believe that the venture would be the main focus of her season five storyline.

“That was my understanding of my storyline. I was talking about opening my own brokerage and doing my own thing, but I don’t think that was interesting enough,” she revealed.

“We’ve been working on it for a year and a half, so it was quite a surprise to see how creative the producers got with storylines when me creating my own brokerage wasn’t creative enough.”

At the moment, Netflix is yet to announce if Selling Sunset will be back for a sixth season. But if it were, Christine revealed that she’d actually be content with returning, but only under certain circumstances.

“I’m open to a discussion. It’s just it’s a matter of: I need to be able to promote what I’m actually working on,” she said.

“So if they want to accept that, that would be amazing. I would absolutely still love to be a part of the show. But I’m not going to be a ‘friend of.’ I need to be shown doing my real estate.”

In the meantime, you can rewatch Selling Sunset season five (and *that* reunion episode) on Netflix by logging in or signing up here.

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