Australian Teen Dramas You Forgot You Loved Growing Up

Time to dip into the TV archives
heartbreak high

Before we had the power to stream any new series or film at the click of a button, we were left with the wonders of what was on nightly free to air – and in the world of Australian teen dramas, the selection is actually severely underrated. While we now count The OC, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl as our favourite series to binge – why not dip into the archives of classic Australian drama to fill the lockdown boredom. 

From Heartbreak High to The Sleepover Club, there was plenty to keep us entertained and we’ve rounded up five of the best series you forgot you were obsessed with growing up. 

H2O: Just Add Water

The H2O: Just Add Water theme song alone is worth binging the series (as well as the acting masterpieces of teenage Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin). On top of navigating the tough teenage world of school and love, Emma, Rikki and Cleo turn into mermaids with even the smallest touch of water (which has always begged the question, how do they shower?) Anyway, when they’re not in school or trying to keep their special powers secret, they’re using magic to save sea turtles and rescue those in need. Local bully Zane and popular girl Miriam don’t make it easy on the trio as they try to keep their adventures hidden. 


Blue Water High

Who could forget Blue Surf Academy’s Heath, Perry, Fly, Bec and Edge battling it out in the competitive world of surfing? The series follows the group of teen surfers who were selected from around Australia and overseas to take part in an intensive twelve-month residential school program at Blue Water High. But, by the end of the year, only two of the seven will qualify to surf the pro-circuit and win a three-year sponsorship contract. The series is a race into the finals for the wild card, a race to get through the year, and a race to grow up. The seven teens, forced to live, study and train together at the same time become best friends and greatest competitors. 

blue water high

The Saddle Club

Watching The Saddle Club was like a right of passage for Australian teens – watching the adventures of three best friends who were training to compete in equestrian competitions at Pine Hollow Stables. The series was developed by Sarah Dodd and based on the iconic books written by Bonnie Bryant. Once you’re done giving this a much-deserved rewatch, binge The Bold Type which features Saddle Club alum, Aisha Dee as Kat Edison. 

saddle club

Heartbreak High

Before the OC and Gossip Girl, we had Heartbreak High to fill our TV teen drama needs. The series followed the students of Hartley High, a tough high school in Sydney where the fictional characters had to grapple with gritty issues – from drugs to romance and homelessness. It starred some names well-known to Australian television, including Peter Sumner and Rebecca Smart, and of course Ada Nicodemou. 

heartbreak high

The Sleepover Club

Frankie, Kenny, Fliss, Lyndz and Rosie are five best friends living in the Australian seaside town of Crescent Bay, who come together to create their Sleepover Club. While hanging out at each other’s houses they go through the trials and tribulations of teenage life while constantly dealing with their archrivals three teenage boys called the M&Ms. 

sleepover club

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