‘Coastal Elites’ Is A Satirical And Star-Studded Look At Five Different Experiences With Coronavirus

The incredible cast includes Bette Midler, Sarah Paulson, Issa Rae and more

While the pandemic is certainly far from over, we’ve definitely gotten used to our new normal.

And it seems that even Hollywood has embraced all the extra at-home time. Inspired by our current situation, HBO has joined forces with some famous faces to take the edge off of quarantine.

Introducing: Coastal Elites.

Written by playwright Paul Rudnick and helmed by Jay Roach (Bombshell), Coastal Elites “spotlights five distinct and impassioned points-of-view” during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to the synopsis. “When the shutdown forces these characters to cope in isolation, they react with frustration, hilarity and introspection.”

From Bette Midler to Sarah Paulson, Coastal Elites is sure to help us find solace–in the most light-hearted way possible–about the current circumstances that we’re all experiencing around the world.

Intrigued? Keep reading for everything you need to know from the series plot and cast members to where you can stream it in Australia.

What Is The Plot Of Coastal Elites?

HBO’s Coastal Elites examines the personal effects of the pandemic through a series of celebrity episodes.

The satirical series will follow the striking realities of five Americans living very different lives amidst the coronavirus outbreak. The film includes a nurse working on the frontlines of the pandemic, an actor working through his problems in virtual therapy session, a liberal fuming over a MAGA hat, a yoga-lover trying to keep herself grounded, and a young woman who encounters an awkward interaction with Ivanka Trump.

Filmed as if each person were recording themselves on camera, including Sarah Paulson’s character literally using a Zoom background, Coastal Elites addresses the apocalyptic events of the pandemic with relevant humour, and hoping to help us feel that perhaps quarantine doesn’t have to be so bad.

Kaitlyn Dever
(Credit: HBO)

Speaking to Variety, Rudnick explained, “I didn’t want the material to feel instantly dated, so I tried to be very careful about references.” 

“Things are so crazy that when you think about three months ago it feels like a lifetime and people are almost nostalgic for February,” he continued. “I wanted to reflect that sense of being overwhelmed by every possible event so it would feel emotionally valid at any point. I think it could be working as a time capsule of Americans’ lives.”

Don’t take our word for it, watch the trailer below to see for yourself.

WATCH BELOW: Coastal Elites Trailer

Who Is Cast In Coastal Elite?

The cast list behind the satirical film features an all-star cast.

Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart, Unbelievable) is set to play young nurse Sharynn Tarrows, from Wyoming who flies to New York to volunteer at a hospital. And Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) is set to star as young actor Mark Hesterman, from West Hollywood videoconferencing with his therapist at a moment of peak career and personal stress.

Along with Dever and Levy, Bette Midler will star as Miriam Nessler, a long-time teacher in the New York City public school system, who finds herself in police custody.

Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Ratched) will star as Clarissa Montgomery, a YouTube personality hoping to soothe, inspire and heal her followers and Issa Rae, playing Callie Josephson, a well-connected philanthropist whose prep school network leads her to the highest levels of government.

Dan Levy
(Credit: HBO)

When Will Coastal Elite Premiere?

Fascinated? Coastal Elite will officially land on HBO, on September 12.

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