News Just In: Coffee Is Actually Really Good For You

But only if you take it like this…

Permission to go ahead and order that second (or third… or even fourth) coffee of the day: apparently, it will do wonders for your health.

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Researchers from the University of Southampton conducted a comprehensive umbrella review of more than 200 studies on the impact caffeine can have on a person’s health, which led them to the following conclusion: your flat white habit could lower your risk of liver disease, heart disease, some cancers and dying from stroke.

Even better: they count “moderate coffee drinking” as three to four cups a day.

coffee health benefits
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There’s just one caveat: most studies’ findings were observational only, as notes the BBC, and despite the results, it so far remains to be proven that coffee actually is the cause.

“Factors such as age, whether people smoked or not and how much exercise they took could all have had an effect,” study co-author Professor Paul Roderick told the BBC.

They also only consider “healthy coffees” as doing any good – so your two-sugar almond milk blend latte probably doesn’t count.

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