Lift The Lid On Love—Couple’s Therapy Australia Is Taking You Behind Closed Doors

Your councillor will see you now.

From the days of The Simple Life to our favourite Real Housewives series, it seems that almost every element of life has undergone the reality television treatment.

Now, Paramount+ is turning the tables on how we view these highly engaging programs by delivering a true documentary style show promising to unlock the hidden world of other people’s relationships.

Enter Couple’s Therapy Australia. This new show invites you into the councillors office and displays the trials and tribulations of three couples getting to the heart of the relationship issues.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what goes on behind closed doors, then this show is for you.

It’s real, raw and more relatable than you’ll expect with the visceral experience of a weekly therapy session laid bare for our viewing pleasure. Think Tony Soprano’s sessions with Dr Melfi but way more productive.

Ahead of the show’s release date, we round up everything to know about Couple’s Therapy Australia.

What Is ‘Couples Therapy Australia’ About?

Couples Therapy Australia will follow three diverse couples over ten weeks as they meet with a registered clinical psychotherapist to resolve long-standing conflicts and strive to reinvigorate their relationships.

At the helm of the show is psychotherapist Marryam Chehelnabi, who will be leading the couples through this course with an aim of finding new connections and compassion with one another.

Courtesy of ‘Couples Therapy Australia’

“I’m not here to fix or solve anything, and I can’t do any of that, even if I wanted to. My work involves collaborating with the couple to develop their relational skills, facilitate their understanding of their unique relationship dynamics, and deepen their awareness of the strengths and challenges that exist within the relationship,” explained Chehelnabi in a press release.

And with 15 years of experience to her name, working with an array of individuals and groups dealing with complex issues like addiction, trauma and personality disorders, we’re sure that these won’t be the same couples walking out as they did in.

The show will be six episodes long and reveal the real life struggles of six Australian’s along the way.

When Will ‘Couples Therapy Australia’ Be Released?

The first season of Couples Therapy Australia will be released on July 26—the perfect, juicy content for the rainy days ahead.

Where Can I Watch ‘Couples Therapy Australia’?

Couples Therapy Australia will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.

Sign up to Paramount+ here for only $8.99 per month.

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