Disney Are Already Working On A ‘Cruella’ Sequel, Here’s What We Know So Far

Expect more fabulous fashion and villainy.

In excellent news for both Disney fans and those who simply enjoy marvelling at incredible costume design inspired by 1970s British punk fashion, Cruella is getting a sequel.

The live-action film starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson was helmed by director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNamara. Diving into the animated source material of 101 Dalmatians, the new Cruella movie tells the origins story of the iconic Disney villain, Cruella De Vil.

Watch: Cruella (Official Trailer)

While conversations have oscillated between the originality and “necessity” of a film like Cruella, the movie is regardless “among the most popular of [Disney’s] live-action reimaginings,” according to an official statement from a Disney spokesperson.

Who will return for the Cruella sequel?

A sequel is currently in early development at Disney with the core creative team of Gillespie and McNamara expected to return to the glamorous-gritty world of Cruella’s London.

At this stage, Emma Stone’s return to the Cruella sequel hasn’t been confirmed—though it’s hard to imagine how a sequel would go ahead without her.

What plot would a Cruella sequel actually tackle?

Take caution, there are spoilers ahead for Cruella.

The obvious joke when it comes to the matter of a Cruella sequel (which we’re quite has been made many times now) is “doesn’t 101 Dalmations already exist?”

Though this is true, the current Cruella we’ve been introduced to in the latest film is still quite a different person to the cold, dog-kidnapping and skinning villainess of the original animated film.

Cruella ends with our lead finally exacting her revenge on the Baroness, who is revealed as her sadistic biological mother who tried to have Estella killed as a baby. Cruella achieves her dream to become a revered designer, is now quite a celebrity, and her penchant for animal cruelty isn’t apparent. In fact, that’s something Disney’s Cruella spends some time establishing, that she isn’t going to harm the Dalmatians in questions.

The Cruella sequel could potentially dive further into what exactly happens in her life to push her further towards the villainous future we see in 101 Dalmatians, or completely deviate in a new direction.

When will the Cruella sequel arrive?

Given Cruella is currently still enjoying its box office run, keen audiences will likely be waiting a while until a sequel arrives.

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