Apparently Women Start Turning Into Their Mothers At The Age Of 33

Prepare yourself

We all knew at some point the day would come, where instead of acting and sounding like yourself you turn into the woman that was always by your side: your mother. You begin to realise that your mannerisms, actions and even phrases have quickly morphed. According to new research, that inevitable switch happens at the age of 33. 

The study, conducted by a Harley Street surgeon, revealed that more than fifty per cent of women admitted that they stopped rebelling against their mothers in their early thirties. The research also revealed that daughters began adopting the same tastes and attitudes in the few years after having a child. 

Dr Julian De Silva surveyed 2,000 men and women. “We all turn into our parents at some point in our lives – and that is something to be celebrated,” he said. “Becoming parents is the main trigger and lifestyle factors are also important.”

Signs of women becoming more like their mothers include watching the same TV shows, taking up the same hobbies and using the same sayings. 

In comparison, men tend to turn into their parents at the age of 34. For men, if they start switching lights off in empty rooms, listening to Radio 2 rather than Radio 1, or adopting the same political views, then these are all signs of becoming more like their father.

There you have it! Now you have some time to prepare…

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