Wait, What The Hell Was With The ‘Deadly Illusions’ Ending?

The twist, explained.

The new Netflix psychological thriller Deadly Illusions has been the perfect rainy weekend viewing for NSW, and a great choice for a chilled night in around the rest of Australia. But with a huge twist at the end, you likely need that ending explained.

What Is Deadly Illusions About?

So basically, Mary Morrison, played by Kristin Davis, is a successful writer who hires a nanny called Grace (Greer Grammer) to mind her two children while she writes a book.

Grace turns out to be dangerous, people get killed, and we’re left wondering what was real and what was part of Mary’s imagination.

Also, Mary smokes a lot of cigars. Weird choice.

Deadly Illusions

How Does Deadly Illusions End?

Basically, Grace tries to kill Mary’s husband Tom, we realise Grace is two people – Grace, and “Margaret”, a personality she has invented due to trauma she experienced as a child in an abusive family. 

A year later, we see Mary go to a hospital to visit Grace, who seems to have reverted to her childhood but otherwise seems pretty okay. 

Except then we see “Mary” walk out in a trench coat, scarf over her head and sunglasses – the same outfit worn by someone the police assumed was Mary, when they found her best friend murdered and a woman dressed that way leaving the apartment block.

deadly illusions

What Does The Ending Of Deadly Illusions Mean?

Look, we don’t actually know – but we have three theories.

The first is that the trench coat woman was just Mary, leaving the hospital as normal. That’s boring though.

The second is, of course, that the trench coat woman is Grace, disguised as Mary, escaping the psychiatric ward (I assume she killed Mary to get her clothes).

The third and most fun theory is that the trench coat woman IS Mary, but it’s a hint that Mary was Eileen’s killer all along. She’s wearing the exact same outfit, after all.

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