Here’s Where To Find All The Decorative Candles You’ve Been Seeing On Instagram

Including that twist candle

One quick scroll through the ‘gram and you’ll quickly find a recurring theme: everybody is obsessing over candles at the moment. The piece, which has been around for yonks, has become 2020’s ultimate home accessory, with many using them as shelf-decorations, mood-lifters and book-weights. 

But why the new obsession? Perhaps, it’s down to the decor staple being an easy and affordable way to add some fun and imagination into your already staple pieces (while, of course, adding a calming aroma). Or perhaps, because lately we’ve been gifted with new and exciting variations than the typical pillar we’ve come to know. 

From Lex Pott’s signature twisted candle – which can be found in about any decor snap right now – to bold and unique designs giving the traditional candle a much-needed update. So, whether you’re looking to add some pieces to a dinner party table setting or just wanting to spruce up the shelves, there is a particular candle style sure to fit the bill.

Below, the decorative candle trends to know.

The Twist Candle

Made famous by Dutch designer Lex Pott, the twisted candle is having a major moment right now. From being used as a decor item on your coffee table to filling a table setting with all the different colours available – they are certainly one that makes a statement. 

lex pott

Lex Pott Twist Candle, $45;

pink candle

Lex Pott Twist Candle Fluor Pink, $57.99;

The Quirky Candle

In weird and unusual designs, there are so many candles out there that are perfect for adding a fun and interesting addition to your table or home. Everything from the Goober Candle from Areaware to Andrej Urem’s bubbled creations, they are crafted purely with imagination and creativity in mind – so you can really let yours run wild. 


Andrej Urem Candle Milk, $70;

statement candle

Areaware Goober El Candle- Purple, $59.49;


Louis Xiv Bust Blue Candle$399;


Cire Trudon Marie-Antoinette Decorative Candle, $180;

Tapered Twirl Candles

Perfect for the quirky and mix-matched dinner party settings (or just to add some colour into your home), twisted and tapered twirl candles come in a huge mix of sizes and colours – and can easily be placed into the candle holders you already own. 


HAY Spiral Candles, Artic Blue, $51;


Esh Candle The Block Tapered Twirl, approx. $17;

The Block Colour Candle

While the pillar shape has long been a traditional go-to when it comes to candles, the design has gotten a modern update in the form of block colours and interesting shapes. You can find almost any mix of three colours imaginable, which means you can find easy ways to mix-and-match your home decor to a colourful and bold find. 

blazed wax

Blazed Wax Large Pillar Candle – Neapolitan, $40;


HAY Large Pillar candle (30cm), $68;

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