Delta Goodrem Drops New Single ‘Back To Your Heart’

“It's anthemic, epic, pop. It's all about living in the here and now.”

Get ready to sing your lungs out, because Delta Goodrem has released a brand-new single that is about to get stuck in your head.

The Australian icon is announcing her new music at a very successful time in her career. Her 2021 album Bridge Over Troubled Dreams went No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart and she is returning to a stage near you very soon for the sold out Innocent Eyes 20th Anniversary Tour in September and October.

Hint: Goodrem has been able to open a new show in Sydney on September 23, if you’re keen to attend this iconic celebration of Goodrem’s career.

Now to her new song. It brings an 80s energy and is a real belter: the kind of anthem you can’t help but want to sing along to in the car, in the shower and into your hairbrush.

The new single ‘Back To Your Heart’ is a pop anthem. (Credit: Image: Delta Goodrem)

It was written and produced by Goodrem, alongside Matthew Copley and John Shanks, and is the first taste of what is to come from Delta’s label, ATLED Records.

Announcing the new song Goodrem shared, “I was inspired to write this new music from my experience of touring around the world last year. I knew I wanted the new record to be filled with songs that the crowd can sing back to me, and dance away the night to.

“Back To Your Heart is the first song that I wanted to share off this exciting new era of music together. The song is about letting go of your worries and fears that are in your head, and remembering to get back to what you love and lead with your heart. It’s anthemic, epic, pop. It’s all about living in the here and now, and that feels liberating.”

That’s certainly a good summation of the energy you get listening to ‘Back To Your Heart’. It’s the kind of song you’ll want to turn on after a bad day, that kind of soothing, self-affirming lyricism that helps you swap the troubles of yesterday with a big beat.

Delta in the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, ahead of her upcoming ‘Innocent Eyes’ tour. (Credit: Image: Instagram)

Some of the more enticing lyrics include, “When you’re feeling down and out/Life is for the healing now” and “They say that there’s no chance/I’m gonna takе my stand/I’m always up for the fight”.

Meanwhile, Goodrem is embarking on the UK and European leg of her Innocent Eyes tour, through August and September, so it’s safe to say she’s got a lot going on at the moment. 

Find out more about her tour, and newly released Sydney date here, and listen to ‘Back To Your Heart’ here.

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