Demi Moore Has A Fully Carpeted Bathroom And We’ve Got Questions

What the…

Taking a snoop inside celebrity houses has to be up there with one of our favourite weeknight past times. Wine in hand, pictures of Rebecca Judd’s Spanish-inspired mansion in the other – that’s a good time right there.

But unlike the steam showers, free-standing baths and his and hers sinks we’ve mentally added to our ‘dream bathroom’ list, a glimpse inside Demi Moore’s ensuite has left us questioning everything we thought we knew about wet room design.

While the rest of us are out here using bath mats to soak up water as we step out of the shower and bath, it appears Moore thought to herself, ‘why not make the entire floor a bath mat?’.

In a post the 57-year-old shared to Instagram, Moore is seen recording her soon-to-launch podcast ‘Dirty Diana’ on a couch nestled between her vanity, spa bath and toilet. 

An unusual setting for recording sound, sure, but it seems echo isn’t an issue, with a shaggy brown carpet in place of floor tiles.

The aesthetic left her followers divided, with one writing, “why is there a shag carpet and couch in the bathroom tho? Doesnt seem….. sanitary? Right? Like what if pee splashes on the carpet. Tough to clean. And why the couch?! These questions need to be answered!!!” 

While another reminisced with, “Very ‘70s California home style. My parents’ home was the same way (no sofa though).”

And we too have to wonder… does this mean no bath mat? Or does the bath mat go on top of the carpet? Does the carpet dry? Or is it forever soggy?

While a carpeted bathroom is highly unusual in Australia, they were once also popular in the UK. Colder climates required a toastier option for flooring, and so plenty of overseas houses still have carpeted bathrooms today.

But going back to our dream bathroom list, we think we’ll opt for underfloor heating instead.

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