‘Dirty John’ Is The Netflix Show You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching

The cult podcast is now an addictive TV series

Netflix is set to air Dirty John, based on the podcast of the same name. Aussie actor Eric Bana is playing the lead role which also stars Connie Britton.  Earlier this year it was confirmed that Bravo has ordered a two-season anthology, with season one based on the Dirty John podcast, which was released last October and downloaded 10 million times in just six weeks.

Fans of the true crime genre will already know that in 2014, Debra Newell (Connie Britton) met John Meehan (Bana) on an over-50s dating website what follows is a modern story of love gone bad. 

L.A Times investigator and podcast host Jeffrey Goffard explains it as, “a cautionary tale about the ways that a sociopath, like a predator, can find the victim and tell these victims exactly what they want to hear.

In the case of bad guy John Meehan, “this is a craft that he’s been practicing for decades, pretty much his entire adult life. He’d been honing this particular skill. He was a professional,” Goffard warns.

The second season of Bravo’s anthology will focus on a different case. Connie Britton is best known for season one of American Horror Story and American Crime Story. Britton has also starred in Nashville and Friday Night Lights.

Dirty John is released on Netflix today, February 14th 2019.

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