An Expert Has Revealed Whether Your Dog Actually Loves You As Much As You Think

Cat lovers might like this answer

Despite it being perfectly possible for someone to love cats just as much as dogs and vice versa, people’s persistence with pitting the two animal breeds against one another just won’t let up.

One of Team Dogs’ biggest arguments for the canine species is that dogs really love their owners. They get almost too excited when their human comes home every single day – even when they’re not hungry – and, of course, they’re incredibly loyal.

But what if we told you that dogs actually don’t love their humans as much as you think they do?


New research is suggesting that though they do love you (phew), that human-dog connection might not be as real as you think it is. It turns out, dogs love basically every species they come into contact with – whether that be a human, sheep, cow or dolphin.

Clive Wynne, a dog behavior specialist, explained to the New York Times that dogs have an “abnormal willingness to form strong emotional bonds with almost anything that crosses their path,” something which has helped them thrive relative to other members of the animal kingdom – dogs outnumber wolves 3000 to 1.

“They maintain this throughout life. Above and beyond that they have a willingness and an interest to interact with strangers.”

Basically, dogs are just super good boys/good girls and are really friendly to pretty much anyone and anything. We just happen to be the lucky species evolved enough to be friendly back.

Oh, and cats? A recent study, conducted by Oregon State University, shows that cats form bonds with their human parents similar to how dogs and babies do. They’re just a bit more aloof with how they show their affection.


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