Tiny Doughnut Cereal Has Officially Taken Over As Quarantine’s Latest Food Trend

These look dangerously delicious

Between baking focaccia artwhipping boozy coffee and serving ‘pancake cereal’, it’s safe to say that isolation has seen many of us get a little more experimental in the kitchen.

And if you’re in need of something new to try, the latter recently got an extra sweet update in the form of a rising TikTok trend known as: tiny doughnut cereal.

Picking up where the pancake cereal trend left off, TikTok users have been sharing recipes of their homemade confectionary concoctions, which run the gamut of glazed, sprinkled and classic cinnamon, since May.

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The trend has since spread to Instagram, where people have been sharing IGTV videos and posts with their creations and recipes.

Check out the videos to see how tiny doughnut cereal is made.


As it turns out, there are a number of ways to go about making tiny doughnut cereal, with some favouring a box mix to make life easier (here for it) like in the two posts below, while others take a more experimental route with flavours and ingredients, including making vegan options (the third post).

Of course, if baking isn’t your thing at all but you’re keen on trying the tiny doughnut cereal trend, you can always buy ready-made mini doughnuts and throw them into a bowl and top with a milk of your choice (in other words, exactly what we’ll be doing on Friday night).

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