Everything To Know About Dylan Alcott’s Relationship With Chantelle Otten

The pair have been loved up since 2018.

Dylan Alcott has just been announced as Australian Of The Year 2022, and Australia is pretty happy about it. In his emotional acceptance speech, he reflected on the difficulties he’s faced throughout his life, from being bullied at school to dealing with a lack of representation in the media. He revealed he went from hating his disability, to loving it, and gave thanks to his friends, family and “amazing partner” for helping him see just how wonderful he is. 

If you’re wondering who his amazing partner is, it’s none other than Australian sexologist, Chantelle Otten. Read on as we uncover how the pair met, and more about Otten — the woman who has changed Dylan’s life for the better. 

dyaln alcott

How did Chantelle Otten and Dylan Alcott meet? 

Chantelle and Dylan’s love story is a classic one. Chantelle was dragged along to Dylan’s book signing event as a plus one of her friend, little did she knew, she’d be meeting the love of her life there. 

Speaking to Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, Chantelle recalls the moment she first laid eyes on him. 

“I looked across the room, and I saw him and I just went: ‘Ah, that’s my person’. That’s the person I’m going to be with for the rest of my life. “I really felt this wave come over my body. And he was just so beautiful to look at and the way that he spoke. And I think that I just recognised that what he was doing was so similar to what I was doing. I really felt like I had met my match at that point,” she said. 

The pair didn’t really speak at the event, with Chantelle finding herself overcome with shyness. She posted about the event on Instagram, and Dylan sent her a DM in response, after that, she decided to ask him out for a drink, where they proceeded to embark on a 12-hour long date (a definite sign of a good time). 

After their incredible date, Chantelle went back to Holland for a few months to spend time with her family. Upon returning, Dylan expressed just how much he’d missed her, and she moved into his house just a week later. 

As for the first time they had sex, Chantelle said that they were both pleased with the way things panned out. 

“I think we were both pretty nervous to be honest,” she said. “But we had a lot of practice and it worked out well.”

Given that they both have sizeable online media followings and live life in the public eye, they’re used to being approached in public. Chantelle did say, however, that she finds it hurtful when people praise her for being “brave” in her relationship with Dylan. 

“I’ve definitely had people come up to me and say, You’re such a brave person, or you’re so kind, or you’re a saint. And I’m like, Are you kidding? He looks after me,” she said. 


What does Chantelle Otten do for work? 

Chantelle is an internationally-acclaimed psycho-sexologist who is passionate about breaking down sexual stigma, bolstering people’s self-esteem and normalising all the ins and outs of sex, in all its many forms. She has a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Masters of Science Medicine in Sexual Health/Psychosexual Therapy and attended the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine. In short, she’s pretty damn qualified. 

She also works as an Australian Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador for Lovehoney and is a consultant for Bumble Australia. Last year, she published her first book titled, The Sex Ed You Never Had, which covers everything from anatomy and reproductive health to self-esteem and communication. 

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