When It Comes To Style, These Electric Vehicles Are Leading The Charge 

Move into the future with every fashion lover’s most coveted car series.
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Spanish style influencers have long been famous for their futuristic vision. And this has never been truer than today with Spanish innovation in design, sustainability and digitisation advancing onto the world stage in leaps and bounds. On a global scale, Spain is punching well above its weight in technology and design when it comes to electric vehicles, with Spain’s own CUPRA leading the charge. 

Launched in 2018 and based in Barcelona, CUPRA has become a challenger in the automotive space, bringing together its racing pedigree with groundbreaking electric technology, backed by global powerhouse Volkswagen Group. 

At the Group’s recent showcase night in Munich, CUPRA unveiled its seriously sexy concept car, the CUPRA DarkRebel: a 100 per cent electric two-seat sports car that embodies the future-focused, disruptive mindset of the CUPRA brand. With an enigmatic mercury-like exterior liquid body colour, lightweight material and heightened attention to sustainability, the creation of the DarkRebel has been a collaboration of innovation, design and passion.

Passion is a word often used to describe Spain, its people and their pride of place, and in its latest export to the world, CUPRA is making an impact on Australian shores. CUPRA aims to bring Barcelona style to the world with performance-based cars designed to get the heart pumping. And the future is electric.

Alexia Putellas with her FIFA trophies sitting in front of a CUPRA car.
Alexia Putellas is considered one of Spain’s greatest footballers of all time. Sharing a rebellious spirit with CUPRA, their partnership aims to inspire a new generation, push boundaries and disrupt the status quo. (Credit: supplied.)

Born For A New Era

Electric vehicles are rapidly evolving as the automotive industry shifts towards lower tailpipe emissions than conventional vehicles. The CUPRA Born delivers electric innovation without compromise, with signature Barcelonian style and performance. 

A compact hatchback in size, the CUPRA Born promises zero tailpipe emissions, with a driver-centric on-road experience. 

The CUPRA Born is as bold as its silhouette and hugs every curve. (Credit: Supplied.)

Style And Substance

Beauty, attention to detail and a harmonious blend of influences is what makes the CUPRA Born a love letter to the neighbourhood it has been named for, El Born. 

Meticulously curated for seamless styling, from the metallic colour options to the spacious seating, nothing has been overlooked in the CUPRA Born’s styling. On the exterior, a blend of clean lines and bold features give a modern, urban look, while the aerodynamic silhouette adds form to function. 

The all-important interior delivers supportive comfort, modern yet minimalist features with all-digital entertainment interface. Your favourite road trip playlists will take on stadium-quality sound with the optional Beats sound system—all you need is your backup singer pals and snacks, and you’ll be ready to hit the road in style.

Starting at $59,990 plus on-road costs, the CUPRA Born is the luxury Euro car without the Euro car price tag. 

Meet The Family

Making up the CUPRA family and bearing the names of the signature regions of Spain that influenced them, are the Formentor, the Leon and the Ateca.

cupra car and lighthouse in spain
The CUPRA Formentor in Cap de Formentor, Spain. Overseas concept model shown, local specifications may vary. (Credit: Supplied.)

The CUPRA Formentor is named after the exclusive and secluded seaside paradise of Cap de Formentor on the shores of the Mediterranean. With its impeccable pedigree and rugged charm, the Formentor offers the benefits of a performance car with the comfort of an SUV. Available in four engine flavours including Turbo Petrol and Plug-in Hybrid options.

The CUPRA Leon VZe, pictured here in its namesake city of Leon, is a sporty ride with luxe touches and innovative tech. Overseas model shown. (Credit: Supplied.)

The city of Leon is celebrated in the CUPRA Leon, engineered for performance and the joy of driving. The sleek and sporty hatchback is available in a plug-in hybrid-electric engine in the Leon VZe or in a petrol engine for the Leon V, VZ and VZx. With low-profile, aerodynamic sport styling and a sculpted silhouette, it’s driven by passion inside and out.  

The CUPRA Ateca. Overseas model shown, local specifications may vary. (Credit: Supplied.)

Named after the artisanal town of Ateca delivering power and practicality combined, the CUPRA Ateca brings race-inspired styling with every innovation you could need at your fingertips with a fully digital cockpit, and six driving modes for every journey you take. 

Whatever drives you, there’s a CUPRA to suit your style. Book a test drive or find out more about CUPRA here

Brought to you by CUPRA.

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