13 Supermodels Share Their Number One Travel Destinations

The most Insta-worthy spots around the globe

With enviable Instagram feeds filled with luxurious shoot locations and swimsuit selfies, these thirteen supermodels always have us following their worldly sojourns, taking on a side-gig as our digital tour guides.

When it’s practically a job requirement to know the fashion capitals New York, Milan, Paris and London like the back of their hands, where do these top models go when they clock off?

Elsa Hosk in Archipelago, Sweden

Elsa Hosk
(Credit: Elsa Hosk Instagram)

Of her hometown, Hosk says “I’m so nostalgic about it because I’ve spent so many summers there. It’s beautiful, there’s no place like it— the cliffs, the water, the food, the sailboats, you can island hop, all my friends have houses there, my parents are there. That’s where I love to go.” 

Behati Prinsloo in South Africa

Behati Prinsloo
(Credit: Behati Prinsloo Instagram)

When asked where her favourite place to holiday is, the model speaks of where she grew up, “Cape Town I love because I have a lot of family there. I grew up between Namibia and Cape Town and I have a very special place for it in my heart  and it’s gorgeous.”

Candice Swanepoel in Brazil

Candice Swanepoel
(Credit: Candice Swanepoel Instagram)

Victoria’s Secret model Candice can’t get enough of the laid back nature of Brazil, “I just love the Brazilian culture—the food, music, lots of happy people, beaches and palm trees. It’s my favorite vacation spot.”


Miranda Kerr in Tahiti

Miranda Kerr
(Credit: Miranda Kerr Instagram)

“I always have the best time with my girlfriends,” say Kerr. “I love to swim, and when I went to Tahiti with them a few years ago, it was the most beautiful water I’d ever seen. We did lots of meditation, and I also tried paddle-board yoga for the first time. When I fell off, everyone had a good laugh! The trip was exactly what we needed — some quality girl time.”

Kendall Jenner in Aspen, Colorado

Kendall Jenner
(Credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram)

Leaving the perpetual summer of California and joining the Kardashian clan on a winter getaway to Aspen, the model shared a cheeky bikini snap in the snow. In her typical elusive style, all the model had to say from the trip was “F*ck it’s cold”.


Helena Christensen in Denmark

Helena Christensen
(Credit: Helena Christensen Instagram)

“When I go back home to northern Denmark, I love to see friends and family, escape to my beach cottage, and swim all day long,” says Christensen. “This picture was taken three years ago when I had just gotten my puppy, Kuma. It was funny to watch her discover so many things for the first time, especially the ocean. Every evening we’d go to the beach and catch the last rays of the beautiful sunset.” 

Liu Wen in China

Liu Wen
(Credit: Liu Wen Instagram)

“With my job I usually don’t have time for a summer vacation, so when my team surprised me with a short trip to three cities in China, it was really special,” says Wen. “I never knew which city I was headed to until I got to the airport and saw my ticket. It was so spontaneous! We ended up going to Nanning, Chongqing, and Ordos and enjoyed a week of exploring, making new friends, and eating all of the delicious local cuisine.”

Dilone in Mykonos, Greece

(Credit: Dilone Instagram)

“Last summer I spent a few incredible weeks dancing on the beach in Mykonos with my friends Dean and Dan [Caten] from DSquared2,” says Dilone. “I love how free-spirited and spontaneous everyone becomes on vacation. It’s like the sun helps bring the sunshine out of people.”

Adesuwa AIighewi in Kano, Nigeria

Adesuwa Aighewi
(Credit: Adesuwa Aighewi Instagram)

“I love summer because the sun makes me feel like forever happiness is tangible,” say Aighewi. “And in Nigeria it’s summer all year round. Everything is different there, from the topography of the land to the air. It’s pretty much a steady 105 degrees every day, but nevertheless, almost the entire population in the north, which is predominantly Muslim, is covered from head to toe. They’re devoutly spiritual, and that shows everywhere you go. I felt so happy to take in a whole new culture.”


Adriana Lima in Salvador Bahia, Brazil

Adriana Lima
(Credit: Adriana Lima Instagram)

On her dream holiday destination, Lima says “My favorite vacation spot is my hometown in Brazil. I go at least 2 times a year.”

Lily Aldridge in Disney World

Lily Aldridge
(Credit: Lily Aldridge Instagram)

Disney World is my favorite place to go with my daughter, Dixie,” says Aldridge. “We always have the most magical time. On the last trip, I was pregnant with my son, Winston, so I couldn’t go on many of the rides, but Epcot was a foodie paradise for a pregnant lady! I got to experience a whole new side of Disney World, and I loved every single bite.”

Bella Hadid in Turks and Caicos

Bella Hadid
(Credit: Bella Hadid Instagram)

Enjoying a romantic getaway with beau The Weekend, the American model shared many mysterious snaps to her social media, giving us bikinisjet skis and not much else. Idyllic!

Karen Elson in Bora Bora

Karen Elson
(Credit: Karen Elson Instagram)

“I love traveling to far-off places with my kids,” says British supermodel Elson of her time in French Polynesia. “Usually we go north, to Iceland, but last year I decided we needed a beach vacation. Bora-Bora was literally paradise. We had a blast exploring one of the most gorgeous places on earth and even went swimming with the sharks. That part was my daughter’s idea, of course, not mine.”

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