Elyse Knowles On Her Pregnancy Skincare And The Products She’s Loving Right Now

The Australian beauty has turned to local organic brands

Elyse Knowles wears many hats—renovator, model, marie claire Australia cover star, environmental advocate, and beauty ambassador among them. 

Now the 28-year-old Byron Bay local is adding mum to that long list, recently announcing she and partner Josh Barker are expecting their first child

And while Knowles—who was recently announced as the face of Australian organic beauty brand MAAEMO—is no stranger to organic skincare, she admittedly has never been more aware of what’s going on her body than right now. 

Ahead of her new bub’s arrival, marie claire caught up with Knowles to discuss all things pregnancy skincare, the holy grail products she can’t live without (which may include a craving for Vegemite scrolls) and the beauty advice she’d give other mums-to-be. 

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What Is Your Daily Beauty Routine Right Now? 

At the moment I am keeping it pretty simple and refined using MAAEMO, a brand I am so grateful to have discovered. I love using the Purifying Face Gel as well as the Rejuvenation Clay Face Cleanser in the shower. These products are beautifully gentle, yet super effective at thoroughly cleaning my skin and leaving my face feeling calm, fresh and nourished.

During the day I use the Hydrating Face Cream and at night the Vitalise Face Elixir. The Hemp in this product is a winner! 

I also always carry the Face Mist in my bag and reapply it throughout the day. It cools and calms my skin and just a few sprays enrich my complexion with a lovely hydration boost.

What Have Been Your Essential Body Products During Pregnancy? 

I’m trying to get as much fresh air as possible at the moment, as during my first trimester I was couch-bound for a lot of it! So I’m slathering my face and body in a natural SPF50 and then using products such as the Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser to wash the sunscreen off at the end of the day. This cleanser has been great as it’s rich in natural oils and extracts. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera are very present, which is effective when it comes to reducing any unwanted inflammation and leaving the skin feeling cool and moisturised. It’s so important to find a good cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural goodness.

As we use cleansers once or twice daily, I recommend having a good look at the ingredients and ensuring you find something that is suitable to your skin typeespecially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or prone to breakouts. 

Have You Found Any Holy Grail Products? 

Sunscreen daily and a rich, nourishing night cream to work while your body sleeps. Aveda haircare has been a life savour as well. The new Botanical Repair Range is a plant-powered little weapon! Like my skin, the ends of my hair can become dry easilyso the repair range helps to rebuild and strengthen the bonds. Oh and Vegemite scrolls from the local bakery! We can’t forget this vital product during pregnancy! 

Some of Elyse’s must-have beauty products

MAAEMO Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser, $59.95; & AVEDA Botanical Repair™ Strengthening Leave-In Treatment, $15;

Since Falling Pregnant, What Have You Learned About Your Skin?

Being pregnant has reiterated how important it is to know exactly what we are putting on our skin. What we put on our skin can end up in our bodies so it’s vital to keep on top of your skincare in terms of the ingredients used. My skin has been prone to breakouts since I was in my early 20s, so I’ve always known I have to be quite careful. Since falling pregnant I’ve learned that skincare doesn’t have to be full of potent activities to be effective. Sometimes simplicity and consistency is key. 

In Terms Of Beauty, What Has Been The Most Surprising Thing You’ve Discovered During Pregnancy?

You feel very at peace with your skin and body when you’re pregnant. You’re hyper-aware that all of your energy needs to be directed towards growing a healthy baby, so you feel like you need to trust your body and rest assured that it knows what it’s doing. Women are built to have babies, our bodies are incredible! 

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Why Has It Been Important For You To Find Organic Beauty Products You Trust During Pregnancy?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it’s porousmeaning it absorbs creams, serums and gels. So much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the layers of our skin and can go as deep as to enter our bloodstream. I want to ensure that anything and everything I apply does not pose a risk to the development of my baby. Organic skincare means the ingredients contained are grown without the use of toxic substances such as potent pesticides and are free from genetic modification. Focusing on the purity of natural ingredients gives me a lot of peace of mind and the results are proving to be very positive!

What’s Your Beauty Advice To Other Pregnant Women?

Read the labels of what you’re applying onto your skin and into your body. Be very careful about words and phrases such as natural, organic and botanicalas “greenwashing” has become a serious issue in marketing around the world. And finally, relax and enjoy the journey. You’ll have both up days and down days but I have learnt over the years that our hormones can have direct effects on the state of our skin. If you feel good and remain well-rested, your skin will find a calm balance. Pregnancy is a special time, embrace every moment! 

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