Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Have Revealed Their Biggest Parenting Fears

"You just want to protect them at all costs"

It’s hard to believe that anything ever phases power couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, however, the actors recently opened up about some of their biggest fears. And for any parents out there, their concerns are very familiar ones and revolve around their children. 

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, they opened up about working together onscreen in their film A Quiet Place as well as offscreen at home. John explained that the ‘scariest thing about being a father’ was knowing that he couldn’t always be with their two young daughters, Violet and Hazel.

“Even when [we] drop our 4-year-old daughter off at school, you don’t know what she’s gonna do that day. You don’t know if other kids are gonna be nice to her or if she [will get] in trouble for something. You just want to protect them at all costs,” he said.

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It’s no surprise that protecting family seems to be at the forefront of The Office US star’s mind. It’s a core part of his new film A Quiet Place, which he not only directed and co-wrote but also stars in alongside Emily.

The two play parents who must protect their children from monsters that track their prey down by sound, making for a terrifyingly silent experience and it’s opened to great reviews.

Emily also weighed in on what she viewed as her biggest responsibility as a parent. She said, “My children’s happiness, their safety and their well-being is the most paramount thing in my life. And if [I am] unable to give them any of those things, then who am I? What’s my identity?”

The Devil Wears Prada star finished, “My greatest hope is that they are truly happy, and that they’re interested in life, in anything. Interested and interesting, and truly happy.”

With parents like John and Emily, we’re sure they’ll be just fine.

This article originally appeared in Marie Claire UK

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