“One friend of Renee’s gave a very vague, but very telling response when I reached out saying: ‘Renee has lots on next year, so that’s why she is moving to Melbourne,’” Megan said.

“Another said: ‘She has so much going on next year with her job, and there’s going to be so much more happening for her in the new year’. So who knows?’

“A third friend said: ‘Yes she is in talks to be the Bachelorette, she’s in the final stages of contract negotiations. It’s all very exciting.’”

The same friend said the reason that she was chosen, was because she was so unlucky in love on Paradise this year.

“They wanted to give her the happy ending she didn’t get after the whole Ciarran saga. She was such a loved character on Paradise, and audiences are really gunning for her to find a nice guy. And she would make the best first Indigenous Bachelorette.”

Choosing Renee as the Bachelorette is a step forward for Network Ten, who have been called out in the past for their clear lack of diverse representation in their casting. 

However, others have concerns over the network’s continual casting of past contestants. Following the show’s most recent season with past contestant Elly, and her sister Becky, their on-screen stint received some of the lowest ratings on record for the show. As a result, many have called for the show to stop recycling previous names and find fresh talent to keep their audience interested.

Either way, we’ll simply have to wait and see what will happen in 2021.