Meet Felix Von Hofe, One Height-Blessed Third Of The Bachelor’s 2023 Line-Up

Three guesses for what his profession is.
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Suffice to say The Bachelor Australia shocked everyone by announcing that three men—not one—would lead the 2023 season, but what you might have missed in the subsequent internet meltdown was that one of the bachelors is already quite well known: The extremely height-blessed Felix Von Hofe. 

Any sport lover will likely have heard of the 27-year-old, who has been front and centre of the Australian basketball scene for several years. These days, he’s taken a step back to pursue slightly less physically demanding ventures, but his interests in the sporting world remains. 

So who exactly is Felix and what does he do now? Below, everything you need to know about one third of the new Bachelor line-up

Felix (far left), joins Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli as this year’s bachelor. (Credit: Network Ten)

Who is Felix Von Hofe?

Felix Von Hofe is a former professional basketball player, having played in the Australia’s own NBL as well as competing overseas. He most notably played for the University of Eastern Washington—a first division college basketball team. 

Most recently, he played for the Melbourne Tigers and he now works as a sports commentator and marketing manager. 

Felix (left) played for US college basketball team, the University of Eastern Washington (Credit: Getty)

What is Felix Von Hofe’s height?

Felix is 1.95 metres tall, which is 6 feet and five inches. We suspect he’ll probably be the tallest in any room for the duration of The Bachelor

Who has he dated in the past? 

Felix dated Olympian Liz Clay, who competed in the 100 metre hurdle at the Tokyo Olympics, according to a source who spoke to Yahoo! News

“Felix and Liz were together for around a year in 2018 before they suddenly stopped posting about each other one day and removed their posts together,” the unnamed source told the publication.

“No one really knew what happened, it seemed to end abruptly.”

Felix reportedly dated Australian Olympian Liz Clay in 2018. (Credit: Getty)

What has he said about being on The Bachelor?

Before coming on the show, Felix was quite traditional when it came to dating, meaning he steered well clear of dating apps.  

“I might’ve been born just 10 years too late,” he told The Project, adding that he’s not a big fan of social media in general. 

“I’m really enjoying having proper, one-on-one dates and getting to know people, rather than just the Instagram DMs and all of that sort of stuff,” he added. 

Look, it’s not exactly traditional to go on a reality show and have said dates documented by a full-scale camera team, either. That said, it looks like it’s working for him. 

The new Bachelor has said he is looking for someone who has a good sense of humour.  

“My dream date would be anything where it ends up hurting to laugh, because if we’re both laughing the whole time then it can’t get much better.”

Here’s hoping he finds it. 

You can watch The Bachelors on Channel 10 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm.

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