Study Finds Only 2 Out Of 348 Fitness And Health Apps Actually Work

Oh no

It does seem too good to be true. You download an app which promises to transform your life; maybe it’s your eating habits, your exercise regime or your mental health. Two weeks later, you’ve forgotten it’s there and life goes on as usual.

Now, a new study has proven just that: most of the health and fitness apps we love to download aren’t actually impacting our lives.

The research, which was conducted by VicHealth and Deakin University, assessed 348 popular apps and found that just two received a four star rating — and none got as far as five stars.

“Our research showed unfortunately most apps aren’t based on evidence and are unlikely to help people create long-term healthy habits,” VicHealth Principal Advisor Dr Lyn Roberts said.

“Apps that were rated highest included those that allow people to set goals, track their behaviour, rewarded positive behaviour and send notifications and prompts.”

So which of the hundreds of apps got the green light? Quit Genius, a quit smoking app, and Unwinding Anxiety were the two recommended by the researchers.

According to their research, over 30 per cent of Australians turn to apps to improve their wellness, with 42 per cent of the population trusting the information included in said apps. However, Roberts has a word of warning for those who want to rely on expensive apps.

“We know people are looking for a convenient fix when it comes to improving their health and wellbeing, and while some apps can be useful, most aren’t going to do much to make you healthier,” Dr Roberts said.

So, actually signing up for a gym is your best bet, ladies.

Below, celebrity fitness trainers share tips you’ll actually be able to follow:

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