Melburnians: Get A Free Skin Check In January With Cult French Skincare Brand

Because who doesn't love free healthcare?

Cult French pharmacy brand La Roche Posay is conducting free skin checks in select Australian locations over the summer.

While the brand took its mobile skin clinic to Sydney’s Bondi Beach in November 2023 for National Skin Cancer Action Week, they are now headed down south to the Victorian capital.

Over January and February 2024, La Roche Posay, in partnership with charity Skin Check Champions, will be stationed at Melbourne’s URBNSurf water park, offering free skin checks to those who book via the website.

Sun exposure from early life can affect you later in life. Image: Getty

The skin checks will be conducted by trained skin check nurses in private consultation rooms.

La Roche-Posay’s national skin check pop-ups tour coincides with the brand’s new creative campaign called ‘Your Skin Remembers’, which highlights the cumulative impact of sun

exposure over time. The campaign also underlines the critical role that regular skin checks play in early detection, therefore reducing skin cancer and the long-term impacts of incidental sun exposure.

Dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald says there are still a lot of Australians who don’t understand the risks of sun exposure.

“I see people all the time who say, ‘I don’t go in the sun’ or ‘I don’t burn easily’, not understanding that even DNA damage caused by previous sun exposure in childhood, teens or twenties can lie dormant in cells. Every time those cells divide, there’s a risk of a mutation – if your body isn’t good at checking for mutations, you may pay for the damage you had earlier.”

Dr McDonald says regular skin checks are vital, “no matter how exposed to the sun you think you are”. 

“Skin cancer does not discriminate. We also suggest self-monitoring for changes to the skin using the ABCDE method to identify suspect lesions with the naked eye.”

Slip, slip, slap – always. Image: Getty

Media Director at L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty, Samantha Russel says, “UV damage doesn’t go away simply because we forget the first, second and third times we were sunburnt in the park or on the beach, and that’s our main message with the launch of the ‘Your Skin Remembers’ campaign and our new mobile Skin Check Clinic. It’s our call-to-arms to challenge every Australian to get a skin check, and we hope that providing this complimentary service with Skin Check Champions encourages individuals to take better control of their skin health”.

La Roche Posay will continue taking their mobile clinic around Australia into 2024, with a goal to conduct 5,000 complimentary skin checks by the end of the year. 

Book in your complimentary skin check, here.

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