This Twitter Thread Proves Rachel And Joey Were The Perfect ‘Friends’ Couple

RIP Ross and Rachel

When #relationshipgoals couples come up in conversation, somehow Ross and Rachel always make the list.

I mean, it makes sense. We watched them on our screens every night for 10 whole seasons, rooted for them every time they broke up – or were on ‘a break’ – and endured every one of Ross’ other marriages only to hope he’d realise Rachel was the one for him. 

But Twitter user Claire Willett is here to shake things up, saying that Rachel shouldn’t have ever ended up with Ross – wait for it – and that instead, she belongs with Joey.

In a long thread, titled ‘In defence of Rachel and Joey’, Claire points out some seriously good facts. 

Firstly, she notes that Joey and Rachel had years of friendship behind them before they started a romantic relationship, whereas Ross never saw Rachel as anything other than a romantic interest.

She also says that Ross was more concerned by being the kind of guy his hot high school crush Rachel would go for, than actually being with her.

Check out some of the best points below.

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