IMDB Just Accidentally Spoiled This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character’s Return

Well, this is awkward...

Game of Thrones season seven is well underway, with HBO fighting to keep the remaining episodes spoiler – and hacker – free, but unfortunately for them, today another clue dropped, this time on movie website IMDB.

IMBD, a site any film fanatic has bookmarked, included a familiar face on its listing for next week’s episode, ‘Eastwatch’.

Though they’ve now realised their mistake and deleted the credit, the good people of the internet quickly screengrabbed proof. 

game ofthrones

Right there, between Davos Seaworth and Tyrion Lannister, is Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, Gendry, who hasn’t been on the show since season three was released back in 2013.

Though the credit has now been removed from IMDB, this isn’t the first time Gendry’s return has been rumoured. Back in October 2016, The Independent reported that actor Joe Dempsie was spotted on the GoT set, even providing video evidence as proof. 

The last time we saw Gendry, he was rowing away on a boat, after being released from Melisandre by Ser Davos. Prior to that, he was travelling with our girl, Arya Stark.

Fingers crossed for yet another sweet season seven reunion next week. 

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