Every Special Moment Is Cause For A Champagne Celebration

How we're redefining the milestones worth toasting to.

Life is full of milestones, we just don’t always see them for what they are. 

We all live our lives by our own rules, so why shouldn’t we take the same unique approach to celebrating? Pivotal moments come in every shape and size, so instead of saving it for birthdays, promotions and weddings, let the champagne flow across all of life’s little milestones. 

As we all navigate our way through life, too often we’re told what success looks like. But while we begin to break away from moulds, forging our own paths, it’s time we reevaluate what it means to achieve—and to celebrate! 

In its new Mark Your Own Journey campaign, Australia’s best-selling champagne G.H. Mumm challenges the conventions of celebration, partnering up with trailblazing creatives to redefine what calls for a toast. Calling upon us all to throw out the rulebook, songwriter and musician Isabella Manfredi and chef Joel Bickford kick off the campaign with their own unique approach to success, taking us through their own journeys and how they strive to mark all occasions. 

GH Mumm
Chef Joel Bickford and G.H. Mumm’s Cellar Master Laurent Fresnet. (Credit: Supplied)

We’re all pushing ourselves to get somewhere. But there’s beauty in progress, and success isn’t a destination. It’s time to stop and take it all in, raising a glass, whenever the feeling strikes, to how far we’ve come and how far we can go.  And though our paths are our own, celebrating these steps—great or small—should be toasted and shared. 

After all, the path to our greater achievements is filled with little milestones, ones we might not traditionally view as worthy of a toast. But whether it’s a career change or investing in a piece of furniture for your home, it’s about recognising those achievements that don’t necessarily follow the norms that society tells us to celebrate, no matter how big or small they are.

With its distinguished heritage dating back to 1827, Mumm is one of the leading champagne Houses in the world, its iconic red sash instantly recognised as a symbol of celebration. For this season, though, we’re picking it up for all that we have to cheers to. 

As Manfredi, former lead vocalist for The Preatures says, life has a way of teaching you gratitude, eventually.

“Becoming a mother has helped me recognise that progression in life is such a beautiful thing,” she says.

“I really do believe that we should put more emphasis on celebrating the unconventional moments, the everyday risk taking and marking moments of progress. Along with G.H Mumm, I’m happy to remind and inspire others to do just that.”

Celebrating our progress sets us up to achieve more, all while relishing in the good things we already have. Life doesn’t wait so celebration certainly shouldn’t, either. 

And besides, what’s life without a little bubbly?

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