This Is Where You’ve Seen The Cast Of ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ Before

Including those cameos.
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With a tantalising “whodunnit” mystery, an impeccable cast and a wardrobe to die for (we’re looking at you, Daniel Craig) there’s nothing not to love about Netflix’s latest contribution to its holiday content, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

In a success story reminiscent of The White Lotus (which was originally pitched as a limited series), Knives Out received phenomenal global acclaim back in 2019, and it wasn’t long before its sequel was signed and sealed with a whole new cast flocking to be part of it. 

While our beloved main character Benoit Blanc was the only alum to return (and to give us the “aha!” ending we’d all been waiting for), the brand new ensemble cast are just are brilliant and captivating as their predecessors.  

But just like its name, Glass Onion is a layered beast and requires a couple of watches before you catch all of its easter eggs—and that includes some surprising famous cameo appearances. 

Below, meet the cast of Glass Onion—and where you’ve seen them all before. 


Daniel Craig plays Detective Benoit Blanc

This Hollywood legend needs no introduction. He’s the literal James Bond of Hollywood, the heartthrob of the action genre and an all-round brilliant talent. While Craig has now said goodbye to his Bond days, his portrayal of Benoit Blanc across both Knives Out films has cemented the character as a fictional icon.  


Janelle Monae as plays Andi (AKA Helen) Brand

Singer, rapper, actor… there’s not much Monae can’t do. After she dropped her 2013 album The Electric Lady, the musician has remained front and centre of the entertainment industry. In terms of her screen appearances, Monae has appeared in a slew of major films including 2016’s Moonlight and 2020’s The Glorias


Kate Hudson plays Birdie Jay

Another Hollywood mega-star who doesn’t need an intro, Hudson is one of the most successful actors of our generation. From Almost Famous and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days to her more recent appearances in the likes of Mother’s Day and Music, Hudson’s hey-day is here to stay. 


Edward Norton plays Miles Bron

Norton’s face is immediately recognisable due to his legendary portfolio including American History X, Grand Budapest Hotel and Fight Club—and he’s not shy of mixing genres having made a name for himself in comedy when he appeared in 2016’s Sausage Party alongside Seth Rogan. 


Kathryn Hahn plays Claire Debella

Parks And Recreation alum Hahn is a natural with comedy, and Glass Onion was merely a welcome addition to her impressive resume. She also appeared in 2016’s Bad Moms, 2021’s WandaVision and she even starred alongside Hudson in 2003’s How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


Leslie Odom Jr plays Lionel Toussaint

Oscar nominee Odom is quickly cementing himself as a Hollywood great, having earned critical acclaim for his performance in 2020’s One Night in Miami. But before he went in front of the camera, the talented actor and singer made his start on Broadway where he won a Tony Award for his performance in Hamilton


Dave Bautista plays Duke Cody

If you thought Bautista looked like a pro wrestler in Glass Onion, you’re not wrong. He’s a former WWE Superstar and MMA champion and has used his profile (and unique appearance) for films including Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dune


Madelyn Cline plays Whiskey

At 25 years old, Cline is only just getting started—but her portfolio is already filled with an impressive list of titles. After starting out with minor roles (including in Netflix’s viral series, Stranger Things), Cline is now one of the main stars of the streaming platform’s other blockbuster series, Outerbanks. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more of her. 


Jessica Henwick plays Pen 

Henwick scored her big break in HBO’s Game Of Thrones, in which she played Nymeria Sand between 2015 and 2017. She’s since gone on to star in 2020’s Love & Other Monsters and 2021’s The Matrix Resurrections.


Hugh Grant plays Philip

Is Hugh Grant’s cameo one of the highlight’s of Glass Onion? Correct. Did our hearts explode when we realised he played Blanc’s onscreen husband? Absolutely yes. The iconic Brit’s appearance in the film lasts all of about a minute, yet it was one of the most memorable scenes in the film. From Bridget Jones, Love Actually to About A Boy, Grant’s legacy on Hollywood films needs no explanation. 


Angela Lansbury plays Blanc’s Zoom friend

Another cameo comes in the form of 20th century television icon, Angela Lansbury, who fittingly became famous for another well-known murder mystery, Murder She Wrote. She appears briefly at the beginning of the film during a Zoom call with Blanc. Sadly, Lansburyp assed away aged 96 in October 2022, making her appearance in Glass Onion her last on the big screen. 


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plays Blanc’s Zoom friend

Another icon to make a special cameo appearance in Glass Onion was none other than NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a six-time championship and MVP winner of the major basketball tournament. While his achievements in sport remain his biggest claim to fame, he’s since made a name for himself as a writer—one of his key genres? Murder mysteries. 

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