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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Getting ‘Pregnancy Nose’

"It's absolutely essential to reframe our understanding of pregnancy."
Is pregnancy nose a real thing?Getty

There’s no disputing that pregnancy is a transformation of both body and soul—but like so many transformative experiences, its something that’s hard to understand until you go through it yourself.

It might be for this reason that TikTok has become such a popular space for mothers to share their experiences and find others who understand the changes they’re going through—especially the less welcome ones.

TikTok’s recent ‘pregnancy nose’ trend is seeing women share their experiences with their nose changing shape during pregnancy.

While the trend is simply a fun way for women to make light of the—perhaps less than welcome—changes that come with pregnancy and help those experiencing them feel less alone, it also runs the risk of making others feel more self-conscious about their nose and facial features during pregnancy.

It’s for this reason that Perinatal Specialist GP, Dr Kavita Krishnan isn’t a huge fan of the TikTok trend.

“It’s absolutely essential to reframe our understanding of pregnancy,” Dr Kavita tells marie claire.

“Almost all of the changes experienced by women or AFABs (assigned female at birth) are due to the incredible production of hormones—our brains change structurally, we make an entire organ (placenta), we make new cell lines in the internal body and our skeleton changes.”

There’s also evidence that pregnancy can improve our cardiovascular ability and reduce the risk of some cancers and diseases.

In other words, our bodies—swelling facial features and all—are pretty miraculous.

Is Pregnancy Nose Real?

pregnancy nose is real.
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If the ‘pregnancy nose’ TikTok trend has taken over your algorithm then you might be wondering why our features change so much during pregnancy.

According to Dr Kavita, it’s all due to our homes.

“During pregnancy, elevated levels of hormones like progesterone and estrogen lead to significant changes in facial features,” Dr Kavita explains.

“These hormones increase blood flow and fluid retention, causing tissues to swell. Estrogen promotes the growth of blood vessels, leading to a fuller, more flushed face. Progesterone contributes to fluid retention, which can cause puffiness and rounding of the face, as well as the phenomenon known as ‘pregnancy nose,’ where the nose appears swollen or broader.”

Will Nose Swelling Go Back To Normal After Pregnancy?

While its possible for your nose and other facial features to change during pregnancy it’s not a guarantee.

Dr Kavita says that “not all pregnant women will experience this change and it can vary greatly among individuals.”

For those who do experience the changes, “it’s generally temporary and resolves postpartum as the body returns to its pre-pregnancy hormonal and fluid balance.”

You can follow Dr Kavita on Instagram at @breastfeedingwithdrkavita

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