This Is Now The Highest Paid Woman In Music

Bumping Taylor Swift from the top spot

Despite Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation being the best-selling record of the year, the singer has just been demoted from her position as the highest paid woman in music. 

Replacing her? Queen Bey, AKA Beyonce. 

The star, who gave birth to twins earlier this year, can thank her album Lemonade for securing the position – and for that cold hard cash, which Forbes is estimating at $A147 million from record sales and concerts over the past year.

Adele, who broke her Album of the Year Grammy in half to share it with Beyonce, came in second place with Taylor Swift coming in third and Celine Dion in fourth. 

Though Bey can currently call herself the queen of music, Swift’s upcoming world tour might just nap her back the top spot. Stay tuned. 

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