Hilary Duff’s Eclectic, Family-Friendly Los Angeles Home Is A ’70s-Inspired Sanctuary

Can we move in?

Of all the child stars to come out of Hollywood, Hilary Duff still holds her place in the spotlight since her days as Lizzie McGuire. And now, her home does too.

Opening the doors to her eclectic Los Angeles home for Architectural Digest, the mother-of-two welcomed the public into her family-friendly abode, fitted with ’70s decor and home to her adorable dog, Momo.

Living in the 5,260-square-foot (489 square metre) Georgian-style Beverly Hills house for close to a decade, she chose her Toluca Lake property as she was looking for a home with more privacy, particularly because at the time, she was expecting her first child.

Teaming up with interior designer studios Maison Ko and Studio Life/Style, Duff wanted to ensure that the space would feel like her own, even admitting that her garden and the surrounding mountains feels “like I’m getting this nice, warm hug”.

Elegant, yet filled with unique flair, Duff’s home pays homage to decades past by perfectly blending vintage pieces with modern accents—including a pink-tiled bathroom.

From her backyard chicken coop to her son’s indoor slide, every quirky element of her home is on display in the magazine and their famous “Open Door” video series.

Other standouts include a cobalt blue kitchen with ornate monochrome tiles, a wooden-floored bathroom, and a living room-turned-kids-playroom that was created to entertain her two children, Luca and Banks.

Curious to see a peek inside? Check out Architectural Digest‘s video below for a tour of Hilary Duff’s cosy L.A. home.

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