8 ‘Very Peri’ Pieces You Need To Brighten Up Your Home

And your mood.

The verdict’s in: we’re moving on from decorating in 50 shades of beige to colours that fun, bright and bold.

We’ve already seen vibrant hues crop up on runways and in the fashion-scape, so why not add it to our home too? Bright colours can instantly brighten up both your home and your mood (important), and this year, we’re leaping at any chance we can get to give ourselves that extra spring on our step.


Ever since Pantone revealed its 2022 Colour Of the Year as ‘Very Peri’, we’ve been dying to add it to our home-decorating mood board. ‘Very Peri’ is a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue mix with a vivifying violet red undertone,” and we want it everywhere in our homes.

So, if you are yet to be convinced with introducing a bit of colour to your home, or you’re not sure where to start, read on for our list of the chicest ‘Very Peri’ inspired pieces for those who want to go bold, and for those who want to take it slow.


Orelia Velvet Bar Stools, $229 at Matt Blatt.

A good set of barstools are a staple in any Australian home. The Orelia Velvet Bar Stool comes in a striking purple hue and is complemented with gold hardware–the definition of luxe.


Graph Pillar Set Of 6 Sparkling Pomegranate Candles, $29.99 (currently $14.99) by Adairs.

Candle-lit dinners have just gotten an upgrade with these Graph Pillar candles by Adairs. In a generous size with a pleasantly subtle fragrance, this is a baby step into the purple colour palette.


Macrame Knot Mauve Throw, $89.99 by Adairs.

This unassuming throw by Adairs features delicate hand-woven tassles that adds texture to an otherwise simple blanket. Leaning slightly towards pastel purple roots, again, this another great option for those who want to test the waters with the purple hue in their home before diving in, head first.


Dianne 3 Seater Velvet Curved Sofa, $1,129 by Luxo Furniture.

A truly stylish number by Luxo Furniture, the Dianne 3 seater features curved edges, elegantly wrapped in buttery velvet. If you’re looking to make a statement in your living area, this is the couch for you. 


Iittala Alvar Aalto Vase, $400 (currently $280) at Royal Design.

This mouth-blown vase by Iittala will definitely make a statement on any dining or coffee table. Its irregular shape and unique tint will definitely be a conversation starter–just add a bunch of fresh flowers and you’ll instantly brighten up any space.


Mushroom Table Lamp, $89.95 at Ricca Casa.

Mushroom lamps are here to stay, so why not update your current one with one in a trendy purple colourway? This striped glass mushroom lamp is such a fun addition to any bedroom.


STUDIO MORE Amethyst Hyptnohearts Bath Mat, $40.60 (currently $32.48) at Society6.

Why not bring Y2K into the home? We can always add a bit more spice when it comes to décor style in the bathroom (or any room for that matter), because decorating your first home shouldn’t be limited to white walls and and beige rugs.


Luxor Crown Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases, $34.99 at Matt Blat.

Silk pillow cases are not only an eco-friendly alternative to the standard cotton ones, it also does wonders for your skin, hair and bedroom aesthetic. Plus, nothing beats than having something silky smooth to rest your head on.

This particular one by Luxor Crown is made from mulberry silk which contains 18 essential amino acids that are known to prevent signs of ageing and acts as a natural skin-moisturising agent for your skin.

LEAD PHOTO: @isabelleswaeb / @pauletteinstad

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