Where To Honeymoon Based On Your Travel Dates

When does your wedding fall?

Planning a wedding can be seriously time consuming and ultra stressful. Any bride will attest to that. So when it comes to booking a honeymoon, there’s no reason that it should be stressful too — and there’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere only to find it’s not the right time of year to visit. From weather to crowds, there are certain periods where some honeymoon destinations are off limits. Below, we’ve done the hard work and figured out exactly where to honeymoon depending on when your wedding falls. Whether it’s New York at the perfect time for autumn leaves, or when best see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, the below destinations have been handpicked thanks to their seasonal best. Now, relax and book.

January – Byron Bay

February – Sri Lanka

March – South Africa

April – Scandinavia

May – South East Asia

June – Greece

July – Portugal

August – Italy

September – Argentina

October – New York

November – Maldives

December – Turks and Caicos

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