July Horoscopes: What’s In The Stars For You This Month?

Everything you can expect from the month ahead.

Your July 2024 horoscopes are here.

Keep reading for everything your star sign can expect in the month ahead.



As a crab needs its shell, so Cancerians need reassuring self-talk. Testing times are ahead but the payoff is worth it.

On July 6, the new moon in your sign marks the start of a fresh chapter in relationships, especially the one you have with yourself. Pay attention to your self-talk – it’s a game-changer. Mars lurks in your sector of hidden enemies, so trust your spidey senses and stay close to people who feel like sunshine. As the July 21 full moon approaches, a collaborative effort reaches its climax. It’s poised to be a triumph as long as everyone involved pulls their weight. Yes, it might test some relationships, but this friction sparks the creative fire that produces a great solution or next step.

POWER DAYS July 3, 6, 21.



As the sun graces your sign on July 22, the choices you make and the people you celebrate with will significantly shape your year ahead. Spend time with friends who bring out the best in you, making you laugh louder, shine brighter and dream bigger.

If you’re a fan of vision boarding, this is the perfect time to craft one that resonates with your aspirations for life and love. For the career-driven Leos, Mars energises your networking abilities and showcases your skills. Also, mark July 21 on your calendar. The full moon suggests listening to your body and responding to its needs.

POWER DAYS July 2, 12, 22


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With the cosmos bustling above, life zips by, yet you find yourself content to observe from the sidelines. This is your time to ponder. Consider journalling your thoughts, exploring therapy or delving into shadow work to heal old wounds and past grievances.

This isn’t just downtime, it’s a powerful preparation period for what lies ahead. As the month draws to a close, the full moon illuminates your pleasure zone, ushering in a lighter, brighter mood. Expect an uptick in invitations and social engagements. Make room for fun; it’s as crucial to your health as your regular workout regimen.

POWER DAYS July 2, 3, 26



Mid-month, Venus puts you and a female friend on the same wavelength, forging a connection that feels like a lifeline. Whether you spill secrets over coffee or cut loose on a spontaneous girl’s night out, you will find happiness in her company. Meanwhile, the sun illuminates a new dream.

Now’s the time to get motivated and take that first brave step towards making it a reality. Come the full moon on July 21, family tension peaks. Keeping your feelings under wraps is tempting, but letting them out is healthier. It’s all about expressing yourself gracefully.

POWER DAYS July 12, 13, 22



A power struggle with a work colleague is brewing. Everything seems fine on the surface, but underneath the competition is fierce. Stay sharp. This month your ability to read the room will be as vital as your professional skills.

Socially you’re meeting people who can make a real difference. Choose your allies wisely, as the right connections could swing the odds in your favour. If you’re single, an office romance is on the cards. For couples, it’s a time for playfulness, especially when it comes to sex. Make laughter your secret ingredient, whether between the sheets or out on the town.

POWER DAYS July 13, 21, 23



The new moon on July 6 reignites your sexual spark. Singles get hot and heavy with a new love interest sooner than usual, while couples discover deeper levels of eroticism. You can always learn something new about your partner, and this extends to the bedroom in July. Stay curious, stay open.

The sun gives you itchy feet, urging you to break the monotony of your routine. It brings the shake-up you need to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. By July 21, the full moon reshuffles your priority list. You might find that something you once valued no longer holds its appeal. It’s time to let it go.

POWER DAYS July 9, 10, 22



The new moon on July 6 is like a breath of fresh air for your relationship. Revisit the little things that made you fall for each other in the first place. Whether it’s your inside jokes, shared passions or the comfort you find in each other’s company, those are the gems worth celebrating.

Single? Collaborate with a professional who aligns with your vision. Whether you’re a social media guru or you run your own business, partnering up could bring a breakthrough. On July 21, the full moon in your sign cranks up the emotions. It’s time to let those feelings flow, even if things get messy.

POWER DAYS July 11, 21, 27



The new moon on July 6 reboots your health zone, reminding you to nurture both body and mind. Consider a stroll by the sea or a relaxing bath to help defrizz your soul. Venus dials up the romance for couples, making it a lovely time for casual, cosy dinners at home, slow dancing in the kitchen and passionate kissing.

Singles, Mars gets your sexy on, sending intoxicating new possibilities your way. Relish the attention, but remember that there’s no rush. Explore your options at your own pace, ensuring you’re definitely ready before taking the next step.

POWER DAYS July 8, 16, 19



Swoon! This month’s new moon is drenched in love vibes. Whether you are reminiscing over shared memories or baring your soul in meaningful conversation, la luna dives deep into those warm, fuzzy feelings. Watch your words mid-month when Mars and Uranus clash, as a hasty comment can spark friction.

If tensions rise, step back before clearing the air. After July 22 is a perfect time for launching or reinvigorating a former side project. The month closes with a bang at a full-moon party. Dress to impress and brace for an evening of dramatic twists and memorable encounters.

POWER DAYS July 2, 21, 22



On July 2, Mercury practically orders you to kick back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Picture spontaneous ice-cream dashes or movie marathons – simple joys that reboot the soul. Come July 6, the new moon zeroes in on home matters.

Call on a female family member whose advice you value and open up about what’s on your mind. Her wisdom could be just what you need for clearer vision. By month’s end, the moon signals a challenging stretch ahead. Remember, the effort invested now directly shapes your rewards. Keep your goals in sight and push forward confidently. Success awaits.

POWER DAYS July 16, 21, 22



The July 6 new moon is your ally in tech endeavours and machinery purchases this month. Thinking of upgrading your phone or laptop? Now’s the time. Family gatherings are central in July, with a milestone bringing everyone together. Despite the festive mood, be prepared for some typical family drama.

Handle it with your usual Taurean resolve: calm and unyielding. Come the full moon on July 21, you’re set for that long-awaited holiday. Pack your bags and leave your worries at the departure gate. This trip is your well-deserved break to unwind and indulge.

POWER DAYS July 12, 13, 21



This month starts strong, with fresh money-making ideas and saving strategies popping up. It’s the perfect time to overhaul your budget. Venus spices up your image mid-month, so try updating your social-media profile or dive into online dating. Put your best self forward – you might just spark something special.

As July closes, Mercury stirs up a heart-to-heart with a family member or friend. Lead with honesty and humility. Active listening is the secret sauce to deepening understanding this month, creating a space where everyone feels heard and acknowledged.

POWER DAYS July 2, 21, 26

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