Leo Season Is Bringing The Heat—Here’s What To Expect From The Month Ahead

Prepare for intensity.

Leo season is officially here, which means that things are starting to fire up—and in a good way. 

Below, we share everything you need to know about this star sign and what the next month looks like for you. 

Leo season is a fiery and intense time for all the signs. (Credit: Getty)

When Is Leo Season? 

Date: July 23—June 20 

Element: Fire 

Symbol: The Lion 

Planets: The Sun 

What Are The Personality Traits Of Leos? 

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez is a Leo. (Credit: Getty)

Leos are known to be confident, bold and natural leaders. This star sign likes to be the centre of attention and desires to be loved and admired by those around them. Represented by the lion, Leos are brave and incredibly loyal, while falling under a fire sign also means they’re passionate and intense. 

At their best, Leos are magnetic, brave and strong leaders. At their worst, this star sign can be egotistical, dramatic and arrogant. 

Which Signs Are Most Compatible With Leos?

Leos gravitate towards other fire signs, such as Aries and Sagittarius. They can also find passion with a fellow Leo—if they’re willing to compromise to avoid a power struggle. 

Which Signs Are The Least Compatible With Leos? 

Leos struggle to find compatibility with the considered Taurus while Scorpios can find Leos dramatics over the top. 

What Does Leo Season Mean For Other Signs?

Leo is the only star sign ruled by the sun. During Leo season, the sign’s bright and radiant energy may encourage you to banish your imposter syndrome, embrace your passions and feel more confident in yourself.

Leo season is the perfect time to put your projects out into the world and express yourself authentically—you just be might be rewarded for it. 

Which Celebrities Are Leos?

Jennifer Lopez (24 July, 1969) (Credit: Getty)
Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston (9 August 1963) (Credit: Getty)
Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle (4 August, 1981) (Credit: Getty)
Viola Davis
Viola Davis (11 August, 1965) (Credit: Getty)
Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth (11 August, 1983) (Credit: Getty)
Madonna (16 August, 1958) (Credit: Getty)

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