Who You Should Date Based On Your Star Sign

Love is written in the stars

Deciding who to date is seriously time consuming. There’s the initial contact (how many emojis are considered too keen?), the first date (so awkward! Always so awkward!) and then the nervous waiting period to see if you’re actually dating or if it’ll just fizzle out. Thankfully, the stars are here to provide all the answers. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide of who to date based on your zodiac sign — no matter if you’re a water, fire, earth or air sign — so you can filter your Bumble account accordingly, of course.


A Pisces is one of the dreamiest signs of them all, which, when paired with another Pisces, will create one happy and creatively fulfilling relationship. However, for those Pisces who need to be emotionally opened up, a Scorpio could provide the perfect solution. Likewise, a Cancer has oodles of emotion, which would be nicely balanced with Pisces’ compassion and sensitivity.


As the most famously free-spirited of all the signs, Aquarius needs a partner who can nurture and support them without being clingy. An Aquarius will still need affirmations, but space and time when required is a must. Similar signs like Gemini and Sagittarius work well, thanks to their equally as adventure-prone personalities, but a calm and collected Aries might be the perfect antidote to an Aquarius’s dreamy natural state.


Taureans are known for being steadfast and loyal, both traits which would work well with almost every sign. However, thanks to their practical nature, a Taurus would do well to pair with a Virgo or Capricorn, who share their values towards hard work and compassion. For an unexpected pairing, a Scorpio could develop Taurus’s emotional personality and push them out of their expected comfort zone.


Aries are generally pretty solo travellers, but they love the company of someone who truly understands them. Fellow fire sign Sagittarius will challenge an Aries, but an Aquarius will unleash their creative and free-flowing energy. Aries can be passionate lovers when given the chance, but won’t do well if held back or smothered.


Geminis are notoriously split with decision making and often need the encouragement of a supportive partner to reach their full potential. Easily bored, a Gemini needs a partner who will keep them on their toes — whether that be with a talent, great conversation or similar interests. A Gemini dating another Gemini can be beneficial, too, as the two strains of their personalities will mean there’s always a common ground. Libra, another air sign, can work well with a Gemini, but a clever and brave Leo will almost always keep them entertained.


Known for being easily hurt, secretive and emotional, Cancers need someone who will look beyond the facade and into their soul. Loyal and attentive, a Taurus will strive to get to know a Cancer at their core and compassionate Pisces will selflessly let a Cancer into their lives, no questions asked.



Often energetic and loud, a Leo needs a partner who is able to match or subdue their boisterous nature. Fellow Leos are a potential match — but prepare for a talkative and loud house hold! — however, a Libra will balance out a Leo’s need for attention, instead smothering them with love and rationality.


Introverted and stable, once a Virgo finds their partner they often settle down for the foreseeable future. Virgos need a partner who will allow them to express their quirks — whether that be no shoes inside or writing lists — without judgement. Fellow organised and content-being-alone Taurus would make a good match, but an enigmatic and mysterious Scorpio will encourage a Virgo to come out of their shell and embrace a bit of spontaneity.


A Libra is all about truth and transparency in a relationship. They crave order and familiarity in a partner, even if they venture wider in their professional ambitions. Signs like Sagittarius, fiery Gemini and attention-loving Leo are all good fits because they’ll pull a Libra out of their comfort zone whilst still balancing a mutual need for love and care.


Scorpios are well paired with fellow Scorpios, as the sign is often seen as one of the hardest to connect with. On the contrary, Scorpios can thrive with an organised yet passionate partner in a Taurus or Virgo and will emotionally connect with a Cancer, who shares the same undeniable and worldly intuition and can share their deepest secrets with a Scorpio.


A fire sign with depths of creativity, a Sagittarius might be impulsive with many things but ultimately needs a partner who will allow them to thrive and, at the same time, give them the emotional support they inherently crave. A Gemini will share their love of adventure and be willing to go thrill-seeking with them, but a Libra will give them stability and quiet while still gearing up for adventure when the time calls for it.


Capricorns are famously studious, hardworking and practical, so fellow organised signs like Virgo and Taurus would be successful matches. However, for a Capricorn who secretly craves a more wild life, matches in Cancer or Aquarius could be unexpectedly emotional and truly meaningful.

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