This Is How Your Mars Return Can Change Your Life

Heard of your Saturn return? Let's introduce you to your mars return.
What is your mars return?Getty

Your Mars return is the little sister of the more famous Saturn return.

While your Saturn return might be dramatic and life-altering, it doesn’t happen as regularly as your pesky Mars return does.

If you haven’t heard of your Mars return before, take the time to understand what it really is before the next one comes around.

Below, everything to know about this astrological event.

What Is A Mars Return?

The even occurs when Mars gets back to the exact position it was when you were born.

This happens once every two years, with some astrologers even believing that your first accounts for the behaviour that is often known as your ‘terrible twos.’

“So the terrible twos and all the tantrums of a toddler–that is their first mars return,” explains Francesca Oddie, an astrologist on Instagram and TikTok.

“Because Mars is the God of War and (represents) what we wan’t and what makes us passionate, what gives us drive and energy and what we go for, what we get made for, what we fight for—that’s Mars.”

The problem is that the astrological event doesn’t stop after the terrible twos—it keeps returning every couple of years.

“So, when we have our Mars return, we’re like a toddler but older and much more sophisticated and less temperamental”, Francesca jokes.

What Age Is My Mars Return?

After your first Mars return at around two years old, you will have consecutive Mars return every two and a half years.

However, you can find out the exact period by consulting with an astrologer or putting the date, time and location of your birth into an online birth chart generator.

You can then check which zodiac sign Mars was in at the time at the time of your birth.

With this information, it’s a good idea to use an astrology app or planet tracker to find out which sign Mars is currently in and when it will transition into the sign when you were born.

What Can I Expect During This Time?

What Is Your Mars Return?

Francesca describes your return as an “energy surge.”

As Mars is a very masculine and assertive sign, you’re likely to feel ready to assert yourself, face challenges and go for what you want and believe in.

This means it’s a great time to make the most of your drive and kickstart new projects and ventures.

Since Mars also rules your sexual world, you might be feel a spike in your libido and sexual confidence.

At the same time, watch out for those ‘terrible twos’ emotions that might make you feel a little grumpier and less patient than usual.

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