PSA: ‘Hot Cross Bun’ Gin Exists And Yes, Yes, Yes

Long weekend, sorted!

Allow us to give you today’s daily (and much-needed) dose of good news: ‘hot cross bun’ gin is a real thing that exists in this world.

That’s right. We’ve had wine-gin. We’ve seen Gin & Coffee cocktails, and now, we’ve got hot cross bun gin, the alcoholic beverage we didn’t know was missing from our Friday night drinks and Easter Egg hunts.

Coming to Aldi on February 24, just ahead of the Easter Long Weekend, the dessert-inspired brew is courtesy of Manchester Drinks Co, and is described as being a small batch gin, traditionally distilled and cut with spring mountain water and “infused with cinnamon and spice flavours”.

As for the spice flavours in question, think: hints of ginger, a kick of cloves, a little cardamom for good measure and a dash of nutmeg to create a fierce and slightly fruity blend.

The best part about this elixir, however? The fact that it’s only $19.99 per bottle.

Hot cross bun gin from Aldi Australia

And while you could, of course, drink it as is or create a fun twist on the classic G&T, we strongly suspect it would make a delightful addition to a long weekend dessert, such as this rhubarb, vanilla and gin trifle.

Or perhaps, it would be best paired and consumed with its namesake treat, perhaps in and amongst a hot chocolate charcuterie board.

In any case, consider us converted. Easter can’t come fast enough.

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